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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Preparations

I am really enjoying my Christmas this year . It's sort of odd too
because I was dreading it. Daddy  was working for a temporary service
but found a really good job. It was a major Christmas gift for us. However
it ment that Christmas itself was going to be Really Really tight. He has
a lot of training to be completed with this new job. It is going well for him.
The training is sporadic in when he has been completing it, which means so
has the pay. He may train Monday and Tuesday then not the rest of the week.
There were some weeks he didn't train at all but we hung in there.
After Chirstmas he will endure a 90 day training session which will be on a
regular schedule, beginning Jan. 3.  He has to complete this at a lower pay
but Upon completion we will have a pay raise that we have never seen before.
It has been three years but I think God has answered our prayers. Only time
will tell. It all depends on how well he does as to which department he is placed in.
 I fully trust in the Lord and know that whatever happens next He
is in the forfront of the next event.

So as I sit here with less gifts under the tree and less goodies in the refriderator,
enough mind you but less than usual for this time of year, I sit in awe at the meaning.
My heart is full. I do not need to run around shopping or baking for hours.
The amount we have been given some graced to us by family is enough.
We are so blessed for it.  Today Daddy and Grandpa are planning to fix our
van. It has been over heating so that was another financial bump in the road.
Yet here we are on Christmas break and able to fix it without missing
that precious training. With the less run around I have been really able to find
the true meaning of Chirst . Some gifts I have made and some are
from my voice , sharing with others my love for them. I think we often think
Our children need the latest and greatest gift when in reality all they need
Is our hearts and our time. I have been given a gift . The gift of slowing
down. We have been able to take things in slowly. I have been listening
to Christmas music on Utube , enjoying my Home and my children.

I truely get to prepare my Heart. God really did know what I needed.
I'm not sure why this often surprises me, yet it always feels so great to know.

If you have not gotten a chance to listen to Inn Keeper by John Piper
You might want to take the time to listen. God will be with you.

If you are right in your Heart... Then your children will follow your lead.
Spend some time in prayer and with your family.
Merry Christmas,



  1. I am so happy for you, that your husband has a job now. I know it's a blessing from God. I admire you for how you've accepted each bump in the road. I pray that you and your family have a very blessed merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


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