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Thursday, December 20, 2012

All about Holidays by A 6 year old....

(Photos found on my camera taken by Spirit age 6 )

Spirit - Mom I was thinking ...Holidays are Mostly about Jesus

Mom- Well some of them are. Valentines day isn't really a religious
holiday our family just makes it one.

Spirit- I think Jesus had us make that one because he likes Love.
Don't you think Jesus would Like Love.

Mom- Yeah I'm pretty sure He would.

Spirit- Me too because Hes all about Love. What other holidays aren't for Jesus?
Chirstmas is and Easter is.

Mom -Well Presidents day maybe

Spirit- I think Presidents day is cool because It's not like we get to
see the presidents everyday. Hey mom we can pray for presidents though
right. Jesus would like that .

Mom- Yes we can pray for Presidents and Veterns any person we are

Spirit- See Jesus is in all our holidays. Well except Maybe Halloween.
Jesus isn't in Halloween is he.

Mom- No I don't think Jesus would be into Halloween.

Spirit - No me either since theres are that creepy scary stuff.

Mom - You know I guess Jesus is in most of our Holidays.
He's all around us everyday. He's always with us.

Spirit- Mom can you look at my robot coloring page its really cool.
This Robot has lots of blocks to color... it would take me forever.
I'm going to try.

Warm Blessings all,
Enjoying the little moments



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