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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Goals for 2013

This year I feel like I'd like to make some changes in my life.
I have worked hard to make the ones that I already have placed in my path as
goals . They have been little changes one at a time until they became a habit.
Habits are usually looked on as being a bad thing but some habits are good
to keep. For example last year I worked really hard to add more water
to my daily diet. I lost 35lbs by only changing what I drank and I changed
the type of oils we use. Little change but big results.

I also wanted more spiritual time with God. I started a Good Morning Girls
bible study group on Facebook and dug into my first study. I found
the Soap website which has made it easier for me to complete each morning.
I also joined CWA Review Crew which has given me a never ending supply
of resources for study. The more I read the more I take and hold in my heart.

Health Goal
This year I have plans to add on to what I have already started. I'd really like to learn
more how to prepare food in a healthy way. I already have plans to attend a
wellness event in our area at a local church. Ultimate Wellness
It's not just about the weight itself but how I feel about changing my life
for God in more ways than one.

Goal # 1 Learn to eat and prepare Healthy foods.
Goal # 2  Try at least 2 new recipes per month

It has been imperative for one of my children in particular to exercise daily.
The goal from the Doctor is to exercise at least an hour per day. I feel that this
is a goal that I can help this child meet by adding it into our school time and joining
in to have a healthier Mom too. It's really time for these changes.

Goal #3 One hour per day of Exercise

Spiritual Goal
I have enjoyed the Good Morning Girls study so much that I have planned to participate
again this time around. Sign up begins today. The study is on Luke which is the same thing
We are doing with our Sunday school Children. I like how that ties together. We will
be using The Dig for Kids  I also have vowed to  memorize 100 Bible Verses
by 2013 and stick to a 1 year weekly bible reading plan on top of Good morning
girls study. I don't think this will be a difficult goal. I know it might seem like it would be
but I have created a habit of picking up my bible first thing in the morning. I think that
habit is going to take me far in my studies.

Goal #4  - Bible Study with Good Morning Girls
Goal #5 - Memorize 100 Bible verses
Goal #6 - 1 year bible reading plan

Organize Me GoalOne thing I have always prided myself in was being organized. Our homeschool
plans are laid out fabulously but since we moved I feel like so many things just
aren't where I want them. We have somehow gotten to much stuff.
I plan this year to get organized and declutter. I also want
to create a Christmas binder because this years
Christmas was not planned at all. I don't want to be found that
way again. It was emotionally sad for me to have missed so much.

Goal #7 Declutter the house room by room
Goal #8 Create that Christmas binder

Teaching/ Parenting GoalsI still haven't quite tackled that potty training with Sweet Pea. She has good
and bad days with it. My goal is to get her out of those diapers. I know this
will come but I know she is ready shes just so laid back about getting it done.

#9 Potty Train Sweet Pea
Lately Spirit has been lightly smacking his siblings when he is upset. Its not
a as hard as you can hit but its a hit all the same and this mom doesn't like it.
I have created a behavior chart for him for the new year to motivate good behavior.
I feel like we are sort of sitting on this bad habit and It needs to be dealt with.

#10 Good behavior  rewards for good childrenI also want to encourage my teens to find the thing that they enjoy doing the most.
My son has really gotten into making puppets. Not so much in the puppetry itself
but in the construction of puppets. He has been making some amazing guys. I want
To really encourage that self expression in him.

#11 Encourage creativity in Superboy
Last one ... Princess is trying to decide what she would like to do as she
gets older. I'd like to introduce her to a few ideas this upcoming year. I want
to show her some of her options and have her really dig into the idea of choosing
a path for herself.

#12 Lead my children on their career path of choices.

I really feel that all of these goals are accessable and I'm ready to get started.

I'm ready to welcome in 2013.

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Warm blessings
Friday, December 28, 2012

One Funny Family 2012

Kids say the funniest things and we seem to have our share

of funny moments. These are a few from my personal journal.

 We were one Funny Family in 2012....

Get ready to chuckle your way through the Year...

Chicken Karaoke

My 3 year old and I are playing bubbles at 4 am.
Someone forgot to tell her that its a little early for that.
Never mind though shes all smiles and giggles.


Spirit. Mom wheres the scissors....
Mom- I don't know.
Well you should know your the one cleaning up every 5 minutes

"Hey mom watch this" "hey mommy watch this"
"watch this mom" " watch this mom"
How am I supposed to get ready for church
if I can't stop watching.

Conversation with Sweet Pea this morning.
Sweet Pea -Mommy wheres daddy I can't find him.
Me- He got home really late last night and missed you. He
had to go back early this morning.
Sweet Pea- Looks around..... I guess I just have to go on.
(She meant look around more but still soo funny)

Another Sweet Pea  story. She says Mommy read me a story.
She means tell me a story. I usually tell her little made up stories about
her and the boys playing. Then she adds her part. I tell her that they go
out and build a tree house. She says they go down a slide but
Superboy doesn't fit and they have to get a bigger slide.. Hee hee.. So I
say that they slide into a pool and swim swim. She says
they swim with the animals. Then I tell her they go out and
pick up walnuts. (something the kids do a lot) She says Yep and
I paint them pink.  Such a Princess.

Nov. 5 2012  From Heart Via Facebook Todays the day when my
mom is EXACTLY double my age.... :P Love you

Today we are celebrating 50 days in school. I gave the kids
badges that said I am 50 days smarter. My son dear sweet
one says I'm 40 years smarter.  Is that a compliment. umm not sure.

Soooo I find my toddler wrapping herself in toilet paper and she says
She wants to be a mummy. Spirit says mom shes trying to wrap herself like
the game at the party . I said you want to be a mummy Sweetie and
she says Yes I want to be a "mummy" just like you. Tooo funny.

Brushing my hair.... Mommy your so Beautiful...
Thank you Sweet Pea. You are so Beautiful too...... I know....

I took Sweet Pea out of the Bath and get her dressed. I say your
all set.... She says Thank you Mommy. I get thanks for giving
baths.  Such a sweetie.

Look Mommy I'm a Fire Cheek by Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea this morning: Superboy Superboy (She always says his name
twice for some reason) Your my best friend.

Mom:  Superboy why are you spelling Money - Monkey

Superboy: I don't know guess I was thinking about Monkeys.

Daddy: Sweet pea you could use a haircut. Would you like
 it if I take you to the beauty shop?

Sweet Pea: Mommy Daddy wants me to be beautiful.

Sweet Pea: Mommy is it morning yet? (she asks every day)
Mommy :mmmhmmm

Sweet Pea: YYYEeeeeeesssssss

Sweet Pea  twirls around kitchen
Spirit: Sweet Pea what are you doing?
Sweet Pea: Dancing with my Girls.

Mom - I feel like the problem answer solver today.
Whose next.....?

Sweet Pea--- Mommy don't brush my hair. Don't brush my
hair and get my ankles. (tangles)

 Baby Wipes

All was quiet not a sound. Each child was working on their school lessons
and Sweet little Sweet pea is playing with her kitchen and dolls. All is silent
and Princess says .... Where is Sweet Pea. I find her doing her laundry which
happens to be all that is left of my baby wipes.  It's one of those type of days.

Working this morning with Spirit on maps and continents as
he is drawing a page in his history notebook. Sweet Pea asks for one too.
So I get her a notebook to draw in. She calls me and says Mom
Mom I can't draw Afcara

Quote by Superboy"I thought 2% milk meant two below
  Love you buddy.

Rock Party

Spirit wants to dress as Jesus for Halloween and hand out bread and Swedish fish.

I took Superboy with me to the store yesterday in his bright
green shirt and yellow shorts. I turned the radio up loud to
his favorite country station and he put his head out the window
wiggling his head to the beat.

We get to the store and as I'm walking across the lot he keeps putting
his hand out to stop me from walking.
"So I don't get flat like a pancake"
Hes a good kid .
It was nice to spend time with just him. They all need that one
on one time even if its the grocery store and Buddy thanks for watching out for me.

The boys are out back whacking dandelion seed puffs with golf clubs and tennis racquet's.

Spirit Mommy... What.... Knock knock...... who's there..... Thanks......
Thanks who.....(waiting for another odd response he is not typically
good at making these things up)..........Thanks for being my mom. SMILE :)
Its going to be a good day.

Literally Climbing the walls.....

Mom -
Does it mean I'm getting old when my lip gloss of choice is blistex. Warm Blessing everyone.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas to my readers. I want to thank you for taking the time
to come and see what I have to say in my own little writing world. I have
always liked writing but know I don't quite have a strong talent. I just enjoy
 writing.  Thanks for taking the time to know me.

We are having a nice time enjoying our family. I hope to have some photos
soon. My oldest daughter took many and I'm waiting for them. We had a rough
start to the holiday and rough end. We are filled with JOY of the spirit anyway.

Spirit started at the beginning of the week with a stuffy nose and fever. I knew
he would be well for Christmas but  Sweet Pea started vomiting. It went
into Christmas day. She was able to enjoy the day and eat a little lunch. Then
as evening came I smiled upon the children. My heart full. I looked over my sleeping
girl as she rested. I leaned down to move her and OUCH... Pulled a muscle in my
back. I still have JOY... Joy of the Lord in my heart. Despite the pain God is my All.

Today I am laying around , healing, and watching the snow. I was planning
to clean the house again. I think God is just saying... Sit down enjoy them
longer and so that is what I'll do.

Hope you are all having a blessed Holiday. Whatever you
do or don't celebrate.

Warm Blessings,
Sunday, December 23, 2012

Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli

  About the Book :

    Growing Great kids author Kate Battistelli
shares her and her husband, Mikes, journey to
 raise their daughter Francesca. Kate shares with
us her struggles and joys in raising a child to
love the Lord. She shares ways in which we can
encourage our children and lead them to their
calling in life.
      I had many favorite chapters but here are a few of the ones that I enjoyed the most...

              *The power of a Parents Words

              * Pursuing purity in heart and mind

              * Be Available

              * Encouraging their walk with God

                                                                                   * Prayer the Essential Ingredient

About the Author:

 "Kate Battistelli is a wife, author, speaker, former Broadway actress, and mom to one of Christian music’s most celebrated new recording artists—Grammy-nominated, Christian contemporary singer-songwriter Francesca Battistelli.

Kate currently volunteers at ESTHER Single Mothers Outreach and is thoroughly enjoying her newest role as grandmother to Francesca’s first child, Matthew Elijah."

Want to learn more...

Kate's Website, Facebook page, Twitter
Francesca's Music

If you interested you might want to take a listen to this interveiw...

My Thoughts:
  I can relate to Kate on many levels as I was reading her book I found myself shaking my head , Yes. So many of her thoughts are my thoughts and it's not surprising since both of us use our Bible as our parenting Guide. I really enjoyed Kate's book. I felt like we could have been really good friends in another circumstance. I enjoyed how the book was set up . It is divided into simple segments of thoughts and ideas. It was nice for a busy mom to drop in read a few of the segments and then have that time to really think about what they meant as I went through my day. I loved that her ideas are based on bible principle. At the end of each chapter you will find a list of questions to ask yourself and some of them were rather eye opening. You will also find a prayer to round out your learning at the end of each chapter.

   Leading my children to their purpose is something I have strived to do all along. Growing up my parents were fabulous parents but I still struggled to find my way. Certain career opportunities weren't looked at as such in our family environment. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where God was leading me. I had a strong desire to be a mother and to be a parent. I acted this out in the way I played but we never had any small children near when I was growing up. I also found I was very creative and loved the arts. I enjoyed spending my time drawing and being creative. I tried applying that to a career but it just wasn't happening.  It is funny how God will lead you to it. I eventually started  working in a childcare center. I loved working with children and I found that my creative side was an extremely good asset to have working with children. It was nothing for me to create my own patterns or art ideas in our lesson plans. To this day I work with children now my own homeschooling and within our church family. It took me so long but I feel I found my calling. I'm sitting right in the middle of it and didn't know for sometime. I'm not sure everyone in the family understands that but that's really okay because I do.

   I am finding that each of my children are extremely different in finding their path and how they go about it. My oldest child is in college right now. It took some time to find where she was headed. When she was little she was very timid but begged me to take her to learn ballet. She asked for so long that I finally took her. We spent hours in practice. Eventually she was singing and dancing on stage. She danced and competed from Kindergarten to 9th grade.  This was not to be her career but it gave her something of great value that she would need. It gave her the courage to Lead. The courage to stand up for oneself and become who she is meant to be. It was a different sort of training. In her high school year she was very involved in our church and Lead many teens to Christ. Had she not had that self esteem and strong sense of self that she learned in those ballet classes I don't believe that would have happened.  She took that trait to lead and is working on becoming a Secondary Ed teacher. Who would have known that it would take her on this course. Only God knew and perhaps this will change too as time goes on.  He is working in her life.  I felt at every turn God was there for her and it was soo easy to figure out for her and still is. She just knows how to feel God and knows what comes next. I have learned from Kate though that this is not the end. That I need to keep diligently praying for her so that she can continue on her path.

Now things are not always easy. I have 5 children so as you can expect things are different for all of them. My next Daughter is in the 10th grade and she has no idea what she wants to do or what she is good at. She has the thought to maybe go to  culinary school. I have been working to cultivate that and begin the process of learning to cook. Now I'm not a person that enjoys cooking so this has proved to be quit a challenge for me. I took many of Kate's suggestions for leading a child that you don't have much in common with. I love her equivocally but cooking isn't something I enjoy. I am finding myself in uncharted waters. I am finding myself looking for books and researching just so I can be one step ahead. I have no doubt there will come a time where she surpasses me. To be honest I'm not even sure this is her calling she seems so unsure and has always been timid in her choices. She is a difficult one to read, so I will continue to pray that God will show us what it is he wants from her life. I thought I might take Kate's idea to create some Goals for my girl so that she can figure out where God is leading her for sure. However this is the same child that was baking pies at the age of 7 and good ones at that. So perhaps He is leading and I'm just letting my own misgivings get in the way. Hmmm I have somethings to think about now. As I was typing this all out it really has become clear. Perhaps I am the muddle in that mud and ought to help her clear things up.

Now my son age 12 is an easy one. He has loved to draw since he was very little.
When he was four he drew this amazing bird. I was floored by it. I have always loved
to draw so you know this was soo easy for me to help him with and cultivate. I do plan
to use some goal charts to help him more with his talent. He has had special drawing
classes at the comic book store but I'd like to get him in classes at York arts. These are rather costly but well worth his time. I am hoping that he will be able to use his love for the Lord and his art to one day reach others. He is such a loving caring boy. He will often give his toys away just because someone asked for them.  Its all in the works . God's plan is clear.  

My littlest girl is only 3 years old . We have not found her one day goal yet but we can pray for it. My other little guy is 7. He has this strong desire to build things and I am not  feeling that its just his age. There is something there for him I feel it. We will continue to pray for our children and over them. We will lead them to their God given Goals. We will dream Big.

Thanks Kate for the reminders.

Pick up this book it is a wonderful read and will have you looking at each of your
children too. You will be intentionally praying for them, guiding them, creating goals
and loving them .

Growing Great Kids is AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE in bookstores and major retailers for $14.99.

Your readers can buy discounted and personally autographed copies
Or purchase online at: Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Noblesor their favorite online retailer.

Before I go I just had to share my favorite song by Francesca

Warm Blessings,


I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.

I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am
disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
I am part of The CWA Review Crew

The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing
Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Preparations

I am really enjoying my Christmas this year . It's sort of odd too
because I was dreading it. Daddy  was working for a temporary service
but found a really good job. It was a major Christmas gift for us. However
it ment that Christmas itself was going to be Really Really tight. He has
a lot of training to be completed with this new job. It is going well for him.
The training is sporadic in when he has been completing it, which means so
has the pay. He may train Monday and Tuesday then not the rest of the week.
There were some weeks he didn't train at all but we hung in there.
After Chirstmas he will endure a 90 day training session which will be on a
regular schedule, beginning Jan. 3.  He has to complete this at a lower pay
but Upon completion we will have a pay raise that we have never seen before.
It has been three years but I think God has answered our prayers. Only time
will tell. It all depends on how well he does as to which department he is placed in.
 I fully trust in the Lord and know that whatever happens next He
is in the forfront of the next event.

So as I sit here with less gifts under the tree and less goodies in the refriderator,
enough mind you but less than usual for this time of year, I sit in awe at the meaning.
My heart is full. I do not need to run around shopping or baking for hours.
The amount we have been given some graced to us by family is enough.
We are so blessed for it.  Today Daddy and Grandpa are planning to fix our
van. It has been over heating so that was another financial bump in the road.
Yet here we are on Christmas break and able to fix it without missing
that precious training. With the less run around I have been really able to find
the true meaning of Chirst . Some gifts I have made and some are
from my voice , sharing with others my love for them. I think we often think
Our children need the latest and greatest gift when in reality all they need
Is our hearts and our time. I have been given a gift . The gift of slowing
down. We have been able to take things in slowly. I have been listening
to Christmas music on Utube , enjoying my Home and my children.

I truely get to prepare my Heart. God really did know what I needed.
I'm not sure why this often surprises me, yet it always feels so great to know.

If you have not gotten a chance to listen to Inn Keeper by John Piper
You might want to take the time to listen. God will be with you.

If you are right in your Heart... Then your children will follow your lead.
Spend some time in prayer and with your family.
Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

All about Holidays by A 6 year old....

(Photos found on my camera taken by Spirit age 6 )

Spirit - Mom I was thinking ...Holidays are Mostly about Jesus

Mom- Well some of them are. Valentines day isn't really a religious
holiday our family just makes it one.

Spirit- I think Jesus had us make that one because he likes Love.
Don't you think Jesus would Like Love.

Mom- Yeah I'm pretty sure He would.

Spirit- Me too because Hes all about Love. What other holidays aren't for Jesus?
Chirstmas is and Easter is.

Mom -Well Presidents day maybe

Spirit- I think Presidents day is cool because It's not like we get to
see the presidents everyday. Hey mom we can pray for presidents though
right. Jesus would like that .

Mom- Yes we can pray for Presidents and Veterns any person we are

Spirit- See Jesus is in all our holidays. Well except Maybe Halloween.
Jesus isn't in Halloween is he.

Mom- No I don't think Jesus would be into Halloween.

Spirit - No me either since theres are that creepy scary stuff.

Mom - You know I guess Jesus is in most of our Holidays.
He's all around us everyday. He's always with us.

Spirit- Mom can you look at my robot coloring page its really cool.
This Robot has lots of blocks to color... it would take me forever.
I'm going to try.

Warm Blessings all,
Enjoying the little moments


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Have you been looking for a way to help show your support to
the Sandy Hook Elementary? The PTSA has asked for families and schools
to send snowflakes to help cheer up the children at Sandy Hook.
All Snowflakes should be mailed by January 12 to

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway,
Building 12, Suite 103,
Hamden, CT  06514

Please no words only sparkle and glitter.
Pass the word on and lets Create a WinterWonder Land for the children.

How about a round of Snowflake resources:

Many years ago through scholastics I purchased a book on how
To make snowflakes. I still have this book today. It has simple patterns
in to create really fancy flakes. You can find this book at Amazon . The
Heart Of Wisdom has some easy directions for making coffee filter snowflakes

You could add a little color to them like the ones at Artful Parent

Maybe you'd like to try your hand at some popcicle stick snowflakes from

Or love these pipe cleaner snowflakes from Frugal Fun for Boys

Pre K and Sharing  shows you how to try your hand at the beaded snowflakes
like the ones we created above or some more coffee filter inspirations

Maybe you want to add a snowman head to your snowflake like the ones

 You can cut some scraps of white paper into shapes and
create these paste together Snowflakes

Possibly you want to go big and create these Large 3-D snowflakes

Warm Blessings all,

Please Share your flakes and spread the word


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary we Pray

I have been watching the news like I'm sure many of you have been.
I just can't seem to get myself away from it. I lay awake at night
thinking of those parents that have to endure going home to an
empty quiet home at the end of the day. I think of those wrapped
gifts that some may have under the tree that will never be opened.
 I think of my little guy and how excited he is about Christmas
this year as a 6 year old should be. My heart goes out to those
families. It cries for those that have witnessed such horrific things
that no child should have to ever see. I have physically cried for days
wanting to take the pain from them but not knowing what I could
possibly do other than pray.

This day was our annual children program. Helping with this activity and
become rather chaotic at times. Then   I saw a  Pastor at Sandy
Hook on the news talk about the Christmas angel that would be missing
immediately everything was put into perspective . I will take
this day to love each of them and celebrate in our program of Jesus
life and Coming. He will be there for all of us in the coming days and weeks.
He will surround Sandy Hook with Love.

What can we do....
You can send cards of sympathy to Sandy Hook

 Sandy Hook Elementary School,
12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Project Linus will be making a donation to Sandy Hook
families you can make your own Donation as well.

United Way is also accepting donations for
assistance to these families.

If you know of any others please leave them in the
comments section. Now I"d like to have a Moment
of silence for those at  Sandy Hill

Friday, December 14, 2012

100 Bible Verses in 2013

I am so excited about this viral event. Are you up to the
Challenge to learn 100 bible verses in 2013. I have never
Intentionally memorized verses, well with the exception of Confirmation
When I was a teenager. I have always wanted to work on some
Bible memory work but never was sure where to start. Now
I have a chance to give it a try. This bible Memory Challenge was
spawned by this book .....

You do not need the book to participate however it is recommended
by many. There are several tools for help with your memory work.
itunes Has an App Available and these Flash Cards on Google Drive
You could then use those Flash cards for this bible memory system.
Learning at his Feet Memory System. Although I have to admit to wanting
to write them out because I remember things better after they are written.

You will also want to join in on the Facebook Group so that you
are encouraged by others as you work toward your 100 goal.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge and Can't wait to see
how far I can get. We will be memorizing 2 per week to get to our
goal of 100. Pretty lofty goals for a busy mom but I'm up for the challenge.

How about you ?

Warm Blessings,


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Have any of you  gotten to give
a try? The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has created another resource
for Home Educators. This website can be used as your curriculum or
it can be used as a fill in for subjects you would like to add into your
existing curriculum choice. This would cover Prek all the way to
high school. "There are over 25 subjects using various teaching strategies
like lapbooking (my favorite), unit studies, videos, field trips,
and worksheets." These cover various topics such as the dailies,
history, mock trials, science, math, literature, geography,
guitar, foreign language, home economics and the list goes on.
This is really a huge source full of information.


For one month you can have access to this data base for $1.
After that first month the cost is 5.95 per month.  Give it a try
for the first month I am positive you will want to continue using it.
Not only that but when you join you will also receive back issues of
the Old SchoolHouse Magazine in digital format, Access to the Schoolhouse
Expo, Ebooks, and The Schoolhouse Planner.


I have to admit that when I first began reviewing
It was a bit overwhelming. There are so many resources to choose from that
it was difficult to choose just one. I can see a potential to use many of these
resources and some I have planned to use beginning in the new year. I'll tell
you about that in a bit.  The most difficult task was navigating the lessons as
they are listed as November lesson or December lesson etc... in order
to be able to know what the lesson topic was  I had to click to open
each one. Obviously this could prove to be rather time consuming.
Until a few days later when I found the course checklist. This gave
me a guide to all these courses and put a happy smile on my face.

To keep things light with the holiday coming I choose the Elementary Lapbook
lesson as my first course lesson to try. This lapbook is related to  the story
Christmas in the Barn  by F. Arnstein, From the book In the Child’s World
by Emilie Poulssen Just perfect for my 1st grader. Here is our cover page.

I admit that I probably didn't do all of the folds exactly as they were on the
lapbook page directions. I folded somethings even more so, so it all fit onto one
folder. I didn't have the supplies for " putting together" as I was missing
some adhesives. If you decided to create one you can create yours
more to the guide.

Below is my sons summary of the first part of the story...

Johnny saw a wagon with two Christmas Trees. He wondered if he
could put one in the barn with the animals. He asked if he could have
the extra tree.  His mom and dad said yes. He went to the kitchen
and gathered some bones. He saved them for later. What will he do
with them?

(*note he dictated this to me. I wanted his summary to flow)

I really enjoyed relaxing and learning with my son through this lesson.
My favorites were his responses:

If I had my own tree to do whatever I want, What would I do?
His first response was to give one to someone in need. Smiling mom again.

His response to Create a new Christmas Tradition:

To grow and sell Christmas trees.

Wow that's a lofty goal. We better start planting.

Christmas is so amazing to a 1st grader. As you can see our Christmas
tree was decorated by my children and they are very proud of it.
You never can tell ,perhaps some day my son will grow Christmas
trees and make sure every family that can't has.

Before I go I also wanted to add which things I plan to use after the new
year. There is a section marked dailies and in it are daily practices. We
plan to pick up the weekly spelling option and some of the writing prompts.

I was also happily surprised to see a familiar face. A local homeschool
mom and licensed attorney Debbie Burton has her lesson plans available
for her locally famous Mock Trial Classes. I am soo excited to dig into
those. I have heard so much positive feedback from others that have taken
her class. We were unable to join in for various reason but now I have it right
at my finger tips.  I also promise to take a closer look with my
guys and let you all know how it goes.

What I really liked about
was the variety of options for teaching. There is such a wide range
of choices. I was able to find things for each of my children
from my 3 year old to my high schooler. Its all in one spot. As
a busy mom I look for ways to consolidate and tools that are an ease
to use. Planning can often take hours of time. This just took that to a new
level.  There is so much more here that I probably could write a novel.
I give this website the thumbs up, a high five and a shout for Yes!!
this will work for a busy homeschool Moms.

You can learn more about from the
Schoohouse Review Crew .

Warm blessings all,


Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product through the
Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.
I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or
those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

O' Christmas Trees

Have you ever wondered why we have Christmas trees? I have
heard many different reasons but this one is put in away kids can relate
to. I sooo love the What's in the Bible series. . After you watch this video
scroll to the bottom of this post really fast and click the song O Christmas
tree . Then scroll back up and read about our Tree crafts. You will have
music to go with the theme.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
Not only green when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

Sweet Pea is working on some basic shapes so we created
a shape tree. I precut circles and drew a triangle on her
white paper. She glued the circles to the page trying to keep
it within the triangle. Then we added our rectangle base. One
precut and one we drew. She loves pink.

Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me.

Next we made some tree garland to hang over the door.
I cut paper plates into quarters. We painted them green
and decorated them. Later not show we punched a hole
in the top and strung them on a ribbon. Beautiful garland for
our door.

Thy candles shine so brightly!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
candles shine so brightly!
From base to summit, gay and bright,
There's only splendor for the sight.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy candles shine so brightly

The next craft we made was pinecone trees. I found a bag
of pinecones at our dollar store and the mini flower pots came
from there too. I put some foam in the bottom of the pot and hot
glued the pinecone to it after we painted it green. Then Sweet
pea added her decorations. They are sitting now on our TV Center.
Here they sit in front of my laptop. I would suggest maybe using
spray paint but we didn't have that and tried to paint them by hand.
Not a covered as we would have liked.

How richly God has decked thee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee!
Thou bidst us true and faithful be,
And trust in God unchangingly.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee! !"

We also created ribbon wands from a shower curtain hanger.
I simply knotted pretty ribbon to the circular curtain top .
Then we danced to some Christmas Music and of course
O'Christmas Tree...


Merry Christmas Everyone,


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jesus is the Reason to Celebrate - Toddler Crafting

I love Jesus soo very much and I want that love to fill over into
my children young and old. I get so much Joy in sharing that Love
with them. How I share Jesus looks so different for each age.
Today I'd like to share a way to tell the News to your Toddler. I have
to tell you we had so much fun with this Jesus book and as we
speak she is begging everyone to read to her this magnificent Story.

I cut paper 5X5 inches and 6X6 inches. This fit her hand perfectly for
this project. All  we needed was some paint and her little hand.
Keep in mind this art was done by a three year old . Mommy helped
a little bit. (wink)

This is the Angel ...Who told of the news...
Jesus is coming... We have nothing to lose

This is Mary and Joseph... Who was blessed that day...
for the greatest of gifts...that Christmas day

This is the donkey... Meek and Mild...
Who carried Mary... Great with Child...

This is the Sheppard... who leads the sheep...
He will lead them to... a baby asleep

This is the lamb... who heard the angels sing...
about where to find ... the newborn Kind

This is the camel ... Who followed the star...
with the three wise men ... from a land afar
This is the Inn Keeper... That sent them away...
to the manger ... that blessed day...

This is the baby ... All snug and warm...
The one who will lead us... and keep our hearts from harm
We put our book together with a metal book ring that I use
for sight word cards. This was the cover she wanted. She
asked for a pink Christmas tree. Everything is pink these days.

It is easy to open. I'd like to get it laminated before she tears the pages.
This idea was not all my own. Some of it I added to create the book.
I also had the wise men  but they didn't fit on the page. So if you want
to add them, make your book larger for the extra hand prints.
This is the Handprint Nativity that I originally found online. I love the
way she turned it into a picture  as a wonderful keepsake.

Isaiah 6:9 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the
government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
This activity made me think of another Tradition our family has
recently begun.......

We have this fun idea that has become a tradition for our family that
was handed to us from a friend at our church. On Christmas morning
Baby Jesus is hidden somewhere in the house for the children to find. After that
time we gather for a prayer before we exchange gifts.

This year in our Sunday school we made these adorable baby Jesus
dolls. They were so simple to make. We stuffed a nylon sock
with poly fiber and tied the bottom off. Children drew on eyes,
added yard hair and wrapped them in little felt blanks.
To hold the blankets in place we added a holiday bow.

Babies were laid in Dollar store baskets in some old Easter grass
some had tinsel inside. All of them have their own character.

These babies will be great this year to use as the doll we hide and
we can keep it for future years. My daughter and her pink again is below.
Real men wear pink anyway right? And Jesus sure was that.

This is part of a Blog Cruise with the Old Schoolhouse Crew
you can see other posts that are  Sharing Christmas

Warm blessings to all,


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