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Friday, November 30, 2012

What do you Believe Homeschooling Is?

I have been recently taking some courses online from Bankstreet
college in New York. We are a group of all homeschool moms who
are taking classes via cyber education. It has become a really exciting
experience and I have made so many friends.  So much so that
we have decided to create our own forum outside of classes. This
week our professor asked :

The photos in this post are from our 50th day of school celebration.
We had a great time learning about the 50's and learned some new
dance moves. We also explored some fun writing assignments.
PS.. ignore any mess in our background we do homeschool
after all. :)

What do you believe homeschooling is for your family and if it is not already,
what should homeschooling be?

Homeschooling is meeting my children developmentally where they are
mentally, spiritually and physically. It is building upon their readiness to
learn and their interests. Homeschooling is realizing that they learn through
different experiences and need those to develop. It is about being
patient and allowing them to explore through their work, allowing them
the freedom and chance to figure things out on their own with as little
guidance as needed by me their learning coach. If given the right
opportunities they will learn naturally on their own. It is my
responsibility to nurture that and provide them with the means
to do so and then tip that to the next level of understanding.

Homeschooling is being able to somewhat protect my learning
challenged students. I am able to help family understand that
these children are not developmentally ready to handle certain
challenges. I am able to balance those negative comments. I
am able to help them to understand what issues they face and
work alongside them to find ways to overcome those challenges
without the added frustration of criticism from outside elements.
When these do occur I am able to meet them head on and we
are able to work through them as a family in the healthiest
environment possible.

Homeschooling is noticing when something isn’t working and have
the ability to change it rather quickly. It is the flexibility to be able
to give that child more time before perhaps digging back into
that particular topic for maximum understanding.

It is being able to change your style of teaching to meet their needs.

Homeschooling is being so sure of why you are doing this
that when others try to sway you away you are able to stand
up for your convictions and be confident in knowing you
are doing the best for your children. It is about making that
commitment to your family and not allowing outside things
to get in the way of learning or outside visitors who may
try to disrespect your learning space with unannounced visits.
It is about keeping those distractions in the home at a minimum
so that children can learn,

Distractions like the phone, video games, TV, etc… that may
interfere with their learning.

It is teaching them how to organize themselves so that they will be
able to be productive adults. It is about modeling that organization
so that they can see how things can be managed. Each level of
schooling means more independence a little at a time until they
become a person who is able to find information and supply it
when needed. It is about taking that time to teach them the how
and the steps needed to achieve.

Homeschooling also gives me the ability to teach them the values
and principles of life that are most important to our family. It gives
me a chance to teach what we believe and way. I am able to give
them these things in bits and help them develop them throughout
their growth. I am able to help them provide service to their
community and become productive citizens.

Homeschooling allows us the chance to play along with our learning.
We are able to take the time to draw our children in. We are able
to become hands on and explore with outside trips and
inside explorations.

Last but not least homeschooling allows me the chance to spend
special time with each of my children, to see how they are
wonderful made and be able to enjoy every second of it before
they grow and head out of the home. I am able to cultivate a
strong home community by loving them every day.

I've already submitted my assignment but I was wondering
Did I miss anything? Is there anything you would add?

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am offically
a member of the Schoolhouse Review Team. I am excited
to join in and can't wait to get reviewing.


Warm Blessings,



  1. Welcome to the Crew! What a wonderful post! I love the fun pictures of your kids.

  2. I like spending time with my favorite girl, too. We have great fun learning together.


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