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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toddler Time New pages

You can download Toddler Time New Planning Sheets from file for share.

Toddler time was created in an effort to be intentional with my young child's
play and in doing so create a program for her that works along with our
homeschool days. It is often hard to chisel out that one on one time with
her with the older children having so great of  educational need. I wanted
a way for me to be accountable to myself and my child. If you would like
to learn more about our Toddler Time when my little one was 2 click the
link. This year my toddler is 3 and we are on to a whole new world
of exploration. I created a new set of planning sheets this year in an
effort to simplify things. I found the sticker charts to time consuming.
I apologize for not getting them out sooner. You can choose to use the
plain weekly plan for those that don't have color ink or the pages with
a month theme to them. I  did keep the color limited even then to save
on that precious printer ink. Especially when there are so many great
things available for toddlers to print out in the world wide web.

At the top of the chart you will find a weekly plan for Art, Creative play
and Tumble time.

Art- My daughter loves to cut, glue, paint, and play with play dough.
It is very important to young children to introduce them to these supplies.
Often times parents don't want the mess but the value of having these
creative experiences out weigh the mess. The first thing most children
develop is creative thinking so why not help your child explore that.

Creative play- Creative play can be anything from tactile, to a game
and even dramatic play. Since young ones are developing that creative
mind these are things that will foster that develpment. Check out
the website Zero to three for more ideas and  how tos of playing
with children birth to 3 years of age. This website is wonderful it's
a must see if you have young children. Creative play is in place of the
toddler basket . We may still have a toddler basket for our play time
but my also other experiences included.

Tumble time- This year I added tumble time to my toddlers day. She
is often very active and needs active play. I find that a lot of the time
she is sitting at the table with us and as a little one I know she
needs to be moving more than she has been .

At the bottom of the planning sheet you will find Storytime and  songs
or fingerplays.

Storytime-  Story time fosters early language. I try to include several options
for our readying time together. Sometimes we might have book with only
pictures so Sweet pea and tell about the story herself. Other times I will
read the story to her or use one word picture stories for her to name them.
We also will be listening to books on tape or CD and story time on U tube.
You can vary this listening time.

Songs and Finger plays- Songs and finger plays have been determental
in helping Sweet pea with her speech. I really believe that the songs greatly
improved her vocabulary and anunciation. Along with the naming activity
from above with picture books.

I hope you can use my toddler time sheets in a way that will benefit you
and your child. I would also like to direct you again to the zero to 3 website.
As you do your planning for your little one or ones you might want to take a
peek at their 12 podcast on the development of young children.
 The series is called Little Kids, Big questions.

Here is a list of the 12 topics.
Creating Healthy Connections: Nurturing Brain Development From

Birth to Three Featuring Alison Gopnik, Ph.D.

Our Families, Ourselves: How Our History Influences How We Raise Our Children

Featuring Daniel Siegel, Ph.D.

Night-Night…or Not: Talking About Babies, Toddlers, and Sleep

Featuring Jodi Mindell, Ph.D.

Early Experiences Count: How Emotional Development Unfolds Starting at Birth

Featuring Ross Thompson, Ph.D.

Beyond “Use Your Words!”: How Babies Begin to Develop Self-Control in the

First Three Years Featuring Brenda Jones-Harden, Ph.D.

Turning On or Tuning Out: The Influence of Media on Young Children’s
Development Featuring Ellen Wartella, Ph.D.

Across the Generations: The Role of Grandparents in Young Children’s Lives

Featuring Barbara Bowman, M.A.

Feeding the Body and Mind: Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits From the Start

Featuring Daniel Kessler, M.D.

Daddy, Papi, Papa or Baba: The Influence of Father’s on Young

Children’s Development Featuring Kyle Pruett, M.D.

Shh, Shh, It’s Okay: Coping With Crying in Babies and Toddlers

Featuring Pamela High, M.D.

“I Like Me!”: Developing Self-Esteem in the Early Years

Featuring Jeree Pawl, Ph.D.

Sharing the Care: How Partnering with Your Child’s Caregiver Supports

Healthy Development Featuring Jerlean Daniel, Ph.D.

Warm Blessings,



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