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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unintentional Christmas....

Let's have an unintentional Christmas this year. You don't really hear anyone
saying that but this year that is what I'm saying. This is the time of year we busy
ourselves. We get involved in filling up our Calendar. We think we are helping
ourselves by printing planners and over scheduling our families. We fill it
with activity, cramming everything the holiday season has to offer.
I've decided this year not us. I'm not being a Scrooge or anything like
that . I just want to feel the reason we are celebrating. I want to feel God's
light upon me and my family. So this holiday season we will be doing
many many fun activities but we will pick and choose. We will
add in when we can. We will relax and spend time with our family.
We won't make huge plans but will decide what we want to do as we
go. No rushing no big commitments. Only the commitment to God
that we have given ourselves to daily. We live our lives for Him.

We took our time this year putting up our decorations. I feel like it is a rushed
thing sometimes. We brought our decorations down one day . Decorated the
tree another day and took the boxes up yet another. We took our time
and repacked the boxes, we threw away broken or things we didn't want
anymore and we enjoyed it with music and laughter. This was the greatest
Joy we have had in years. It was a slow thought out occasion. As per tradition
we set up our Angel tree. This tree is in honor of my Grandpa. When he was
here I made him some salt dough angel ornaments . Grandpa asked Grandma
to only put those on the following year. From the year he passed and  forward I
always put an angel tree in our home. I love the meaning behind it and
feel the presence of family past. This gives me the chance to talk to my children
about their family legacy and what a caring loving Grandfather they have/had.

This Santa is a new tradition. Sweet peas Great Grandmother
gave him to her to keep and love. I know one day she will Cherish such
and old jolly fellow and since Sweet pea is only 3 I will get to Cherish him
for awhile too.

This is one of my favorite decorated spots. It reminds me that Jesus
is the light of the earth. It is on top of our rustic school cabinet.
Garland lays upon it with lights glowing. The old lamp and my favorite
snow globes line the scene. Many more globes not shone.
Jesus is my Light. Unintentional love. Love that comes without trying.
Jesus is my all.

Rustic wall hanging reminds me of home of the old
farmhouses we have lived in and the homes of my future
children. God has blessed me with so much.

How are you going to be unintentional this year. Take it all
in don't push the rush. Relax and redeem it all in Him.

Warm Blessings,



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