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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Bodies

Learning About our Bodies Toddler Style....

Activity 1- Body naming

I had Sweet pea lay down on the floor and I outlined her with
blue painters tape. We added eyes, nose and mouth.

Then we grabbed Beanies and tossed them onto the body outline.
Naming the body parts. This went on for sometime. She enjoyed this activity.

Activity 2- Matching

Matching our Body Printed out two sets of body part cards
Matching cards. I thought she could do this again and again but
with her love of glue we had to glue them down.

Activity 3- Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all.
Practicing our drawing skills on a mirror cut out.

Activity 4 -Paper doll

I drew a paper doll and we added a dress and hair for her to have her own
doll. We talked about the body parts of her doll. You can probably find
lots of paper dolls online. I wanted her simple. We used brown felt for hair
you could also use yarn or just crayons. She Carried this doll around and played
with her for a few days. Until I finally found her tore and battered in the play room.

Activity 5- Emotions

We talked about different kinds of emotions. I found these stamps at
oriental Trading. These emotion stamps are on sale right Now for $1.99

We thought they looked like pumpkin faces so we used orange paint and added
some leaves for a fall and emotion activitiy.

Warm Blessings



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