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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Angels

These Angels were a hit with the little kids and early elementary group at our church.
The Sunday before Advent we prepare our church for the Christmas season. 
These angels are so simple to make. You will need two paper plates, Construction
paper, glue,tape , 2 pipe cleaners,  stickers and embelishments.

1. Take a paper plate fold it in half and cut the circle form the middle. I folded mine
so that we could later use the paper plate and make wreaths.  This circle will be the
head. If you fold the plate you will have a perfect donut shape for a wreath at a later
day. Draw and decorate the face of your angel. Let the kids be creative. Thats the
part they loved the best.

2. Cut a triangle shape from construction paper.
Use masking tape to tape the head to the dress. Glue doesn't hold
up as well as the tape.

3. Take a second paper plate and cut it in half on a wavy line for wings. Tape the
wings behind the dress. 

4. Take one pipe cleaner and form it into a circle and twist it closed.
Take another and fold it in half over the circle. Twist those together.
Tape to the head of the angel.

5. Once everything is taped together it is time to glue on your embelishments
on your angels dress. You can use glitter, sequins, buttons, stickers, flowers
the possiblities are endless.

As tradition we also decorated the sanctuary windows with window paint.
This is something I started a few years ago with the elementary kids and it
has gone year after year. Here is my sons....

My little sweet pea didn't paint this entire window but she did the little brown
on the bottom.

The older children worked on carrying trees and  nativity scenes.

All is well.



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