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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crowned By the King- A Crowned Moment

Two necklaces one surprisingly blesses me. God has a plan.
God knows what the heart needs. My heart is heavy.
It feels tangled , snarled and wanting.  I hold that sick feeling in
my stomach the one I have known since childhood. I sit with the anxiety.
It has become a comforting blanket of unknowing. This learned feeling is
such a bad habit of denial. I push it away. I don't
want to need it. Why do I doubt? God is enough.

God knows my name. It is written on His hand Spoken on His lips...

How long can one person be in transition? How long do we wait?
 I fall down on my knees and pray before Him , as I cry he untangles me
one knot at a time. I sit in silence feeling his warmth go through me.
Unconsciously I reach for my necklace. I hold it in my hand.

I am daughter of the King.

I am wonderfully made by Him.

I am chosen and Dearly loved.

I am the daughter of the King.
I say these words given from
Crowned by the King Ministry. I read
them when the package came but now , now is when they settle within me.
The knots are all ironed out. God laid the Path

I am Dearly loved. I hold that.
As the weekend goes I feel the knots from time to time and I
reach for my Crown. Our family is in transition. The unknown is scary,
but God has my hand. He has all of me and keeps me straight.

I am daughter of the King.

I have fallen in love with the Crowned by the King Ministry. I have
always struggled with Sharing God's love to others. Finding that right time,
Sometimes it passes me by with a lose of words. This time I have the words.
I have the gift of the King. I pray for God to show me who to give the
gifted necklace to. My daughter longs for one, my best friend who is there
more than words, or the teen that needs support. Who God ? Who?
I only have the one.

I pray and place my necklace on like a daily ritual of love. God will show me.

The weekend is full of church activity, bazaars and preparations.

And then it happens I'm not feeling well and my heart isn't in the right place.
I'm not thinking about the necklace anymore.
God touches me and reminds me of the giving.

She says," I like your necklace"

The feeling of unrest disappears and I ask her to follow me . Follow
me words Jesus said. I tell her that This necklace is to remind me that I am
daughter of the King. That I am beautiful and wonderfully made.
Now I gift that to you. Tears come for us both. This women before me has
given so  much, True friendship resides here and respect for one another.
Warm hugs are given. I smile inside.

 Everyone should know this. All women should
know their value. We are often lost in the leading, in the arranging,
In being mothers.
More should know, should remember their worth. It is written.

 I long for more necklaces. Maybe I will give mine away too.
It blessed me and now it can bless others.
Give the gift of the knowing.

This is my new ministry.

Learn more about how the Crowned by the King ministry was started
by watching the video below.

You can view more testimonies and find out how this can be your new
ministry too on utube Crowned by the King Website, Facebook
Twitter and  Linkedin

I have created a link on my side bar for my crowned moments.
I am enjoying this ministry and there will be more moments such as these.

Warm blessings,


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I am part of 
The CWA Review Crew

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