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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bible Breakfast Donuts

This Months Bible Breakfast was DONUTS!!!
Who doesn't love donuts. The kids were given plain donuts and then
decorated them. They had cool whip, m&ms, chocolate syrup, sprinkles,
fruit, Vanilla and chocolate icing, Chocolate chips, and more. They were a great
icky sticky mess.

Here are a few bible lesson links to Donuts.

O -bey Donuts by DLTK

Donut and the Hole Devotional

Here was our....

First make a donut shape with your hands and say this little
rhyme " As you go through life make this your goal ; Look at the donut
and not the hole."

Don't dwell on what isn't there. Open you heart to what is. God.

You could also use your donuts as the O in Joy.

We played a game called All I need...

Get in a circle and shout out as you pass a ball.

All I need to make spaghetti
Children say ingredients.

All I need for Joy, Peace, Friends, God , God's blessing etc....
I found this I think from Christian Ministry website but not sure
which one. If you know help me give credit.

My daugher in the teal sweatshirt trying to hide from the camera.

Happy Donut day.



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