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Saturday, November 17, 2012

And it's the time to be sick

I have been missing from my little blog all week. I am carrying some
nasty little bug that just wants to hang on to me. I feel so tired
and this cough is terrible. It has been a long week of trying to
school and trying to rest, never mind the mess in the house.
I just haven't felt much like writing or blogging. I hope to be back
on Monday. I have some thoughts to get out and several posts started,
but for now I'm laying down. It is a busy weekend from one thing to the
next grocery shopping, church bazaar, Birthday for the grandbabies,
Bible breakfast is this week, and evening youth activities which we
may miss we will see how I am feeling by then.

So I'm hopping off and heading to bed.

Hoping all of you are well,



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