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Friday, November 30, 2012

What do you Believe Homeschooling Is?

I have been recently taking some courses online from Bankstreet
college in New York. We are a group of all homeschool moms who
are taking classes via cyber education. It has become a really exciting
experience and I have made so many friends.  So much so that
we have decided to create our own forum outside of classes. This
week our professor asked :

The photos in this post are from our 50th day of school celebration.
We had a great time learning about the 50's and learned some new
dance moves. We also explored some fun writing assignments.
PS.. ignore any mess in our background we do homeschool
after all. :)

What do you believe homeschooling is for your family and if it is not already,
what should homeschooling be?

Homeschooling is meeting my children developmentally where they are
mentally, spiritually and physically. It is building upon their readiness to
learn and their interests. Homeschooling is realizing that they learn through
different experiences and need those to develop. It is about being
patient and allowing them to explore through their work, allowing them
the freedom and chance to figure things out on their own with as little
guidance as needed by me their learning coach. If given the right
opportunities they will learn naturally on their own. It is my
responsibility to nurture that and provide them with the means
to do so and then tip that to the next level of understanding.

Homeschooling is being able to somewhat protect my learning
challenged students. I am able to help family understand that
these children are not developmentally ready to handle certain
challenges. I am able to balance those negative comments. I
am able to help them to understand what issues they face and
work alongside them to find ways to overcome those challenges
without the added frustration of criticism from outside elements.
When these do occur I am able to meet them head on and we
are able to work through them as a family in the healthiest
environment possible.

Homeschooling is noticing when something isn’t working and have
the ability to change it rather quickly. It is the flexibility to be able
to give that child more time before perhaps digging back into
that particular topic for maximum understanding.

It is being able to change your style of teaching to meet their needs.

Homeschooling is being so sure of why you are doing this
that when others try to sway you away you are able to stand
up for your convictions and be confident in knowing you
are doing the best for your children. It is about making that
commitment to your family and not allowing outside things
to get in the way of learning or outside visitors who may
try to disrespect your learning space with unannounced visits.
It is about keeping those distractions in the home at a minimum
so that children can learn,

Distractions like the phone, video games, TV, etc… that may
interfere with their learning.

It is teaching them how to organize themselves so that they will be
able to be productive adults. It is about modeling that organization
so that they can see how things can be managed. Each level of
schooling means more independence a little at a time until they
become a person who is able to find information and supply it
when needed. It is about taking that time to teach them the how
and the steps needed to achieve.

Homeschooling also gives me the ability to teach them the values
and principles of life that are most important to our family. It gives
me a chance to teach what we believe and way. I am able to give
them these things in bits and help them develop them throughout
their growth. I am able to help them provide service to their
community and become productive citizens.

Homeschooling allows us the chance to play along with our learning.
We are able to take the time to draw our children in. We are able
to become hands on and explore with outside trips and
inside explorations.

Last but not least homeschooling allows me the chance to spend
special time with each of my children, to see how they are
wonderful made and be able to enjoy every second of it before
they grow and head out of the home. I am able to cultivate a
strong home community by loving them every day.

I've already submitted my assignment but I was wondering
Did I miss anything? Is there anything you would add?

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am offically
a member of the Schoolhouse Review Team. I am excited
to join in and can't wait to get reviewing.


Warm Blessings,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Angels

These Angels were a hit with the little kids and early elementary group at our church.
The Sunday before Advent we prepare our church for the Christmas season. 
These angels are so simple to make. You will need two paper plates, Construction
paper, glue,tape , 2 pipe cleaners,  stickers and embelishments.

1. Take a paper plate fold it in half and cut the circle form the middle. I folded mine
so that we could later use the paper plate and make wreaths.  This circle will be the
head. If you fold the plate you will have a perfect donut shape for a wreath at a later
day. Draw and decorate the face of your angel. Let the kids be creative. Thats the
part they loved the best.

2. Cut a triangle shape from construction paper.
Use masking tape to tape the head to the dress. Glue doesn't hold
up as well as the tape.

3. Take a second paper plate and cut it in half on a wavy line for wings. Tape the
wings behind the dress. 

4. Take one pipe cleaner and form it into a circle and twist it closed.
Take another and fold it in half over the circle. Twist those together.
Tape to the head of the angel.

5. Once everything is taped together it is time to glue on your embelishments
on your angels dress. You can use glitter, sequins, buttons, stickers, flowers
the possiblities are endless.

As tradition we also decorated the sanctuary windows with window paint.
This is something I started a few years ago with the elementary kids and it
has gone year after year. Here is my sons....

My little sweet pea didn't paint this entire window but she did the little brown
on the bottom.

The older children worked on carrying trees and  nativity scenes.

All is well.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unintentional Christmas....

Let's have an unintentional Christmas this year. You don't really hear anyone
saying that but this year that is what I'm saying. This is the time of year we busy
ourselves. We get involved in filling up our Calendar. We think we are helping
ourselves by printing planners and over scheduling our families. We fill it
with activity, cramming everything the holiday season has to offer.
I've decided this year not us. I'm not being a Scrooge or anything like
that . I just want to feel the reason we are celebrating. I want to feel God's
light upon me and my family. So this holiday season we will be doing
many many fun activities but we will pick and choose. We will
add in when we can. We will relax and spend time with our family.
We won't make huge plans but will decide what we want to do as we
go. No rushing no big commitments. Only the commitment to God
that we have given ourselves to daily. We live our lives for Him.

We took our time this year putting up our decorations. I feel like it is a rushed
thing sometimes. We brought our decorations down one day . Decorated the
tree another day and took the boxes up yet another. We took our time
and repacked the boxes, we threw away broken or things we didn't want
anymore and we enjoyed it with music and laughter. This was the greatest
Joy we have had in years. It was a slow thought out occasion. As per tradition
we set up our Angel tree. This tree is in honor of my Grandpa. When he was
here I made him some salt dough angel ornaments . Grandpa asked Grandma
to only put those on the following year. From the year he passed and  forward I
always put an angel tree in our home. I love the meaning behind it and
feel the presence of family past. This gives me the chance to talk to my children
about their family legacy and what a caring loving Grandfather they have/had.

This Santa is a new tradition. Sweet peas Great Grandmother
gave him to her to keep and love. I know one day she will Cherish such
and old jolly fellow and since Sweet pea is only 3 I will get to Cherish him
for awhile too.

This is one of my favorite decorated spots. It reminds me that Jesus
is the light of the earth. It is on top of our rustic school cabinet.
Garland lays upon it with lights glowing. The old lamp and my favorite
snow globes line the scene. Many more globes not shone.
Jesus is my Light. Unintentional love. Love that comes without trying.
Jesus is my all.

Rustic wall hanging reminds me of home of the old
farmhouses we have lived in and the homes of my future
children. God has blessed me with so much.

How are you going to be unintentional this year. Take it all
in don't push the rush. Relax and redeem it all in Him.

Warm Blessings,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blog button and Facebook

During the Thanksgiving day Parade yesterday I decided it was high
time I create my own blog button. So here it is for you to snag.
Please add it to your blogs.

I also added my facebook link to my side bar. Scroll down and
you will find it. My page is set to private but if you are coming from
my blog and are a homeschoolers than just state that in your request.

Warm Blessings,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Intentional Thankfulness

 Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

I am so Thankful for...

God and my Relationship with Him . I have become
so much closer to Him this last year and I pray that love
will continue to Grow.

My Family


CWA Reveiw Crew

Mom's Review Crew

TOS Reveiw Crew

My Blog readers

My Church

For snowman soup

and our fabulous Thanksgiving

I really wanted to be intentionally Thankful this year but illness got in the way
of teaching this to my children. We did manage to slip in a little Turkey puppets. 

I really love the google eyes on these guys. The picture doesn't
do them justice.

Our Thanksgiving day plans were thowarted . Our plan
was to spend time at moms but getting sick kept us away this year.
So we are hanging out at home watching the Thanksgiving day parade.
If you are in the US Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm blessings,
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crowned By the King- A Crowned Moment

Two necklaces one surprisingly blesses me. God has a plan.
God knows what the heart needs. My heart is heavy.
It feels tangled , snarled and wanting.  I hold that sick feeling in
my stomach the one I have known since childhood. I sit with the anxiety.
It has become a comforting blanket of unknowing. This learned feeling is
such a bad habit of denial. I push it away. I don't
want to need it. Why do I doubt? God is enough.

God knows my name. It is written on His hand Spoken on His lips...

How long can one person be in transition? How long do we wait?
 I fall down on my knees and pray before Him , as I cry he untangles me
one knot at a time. I sit in silence feeling his warmth go through me.
Unconsciously I reach for my necklace. I hold it in my hand.

I am daughter of the King.

I am wonderfully made by Him.

I am chosen and Dearly loved.

I am the daughter of the King.
I say these words given from
Crowned by the King Ministry. I read
them when the package came but now , now is when they settle within me.
The knots are all ironed out. God laid the Path

I am Dearly loved. I hold that.
As the weekend goes I feel the knots from time to time and I
reach for my Crown. Our family is in transition. The unknown is scary,
but God has my hand. He has all of me and keeps me straight.

I am daughter of the King.

I have fallen in love with the Crowned by the King Ministry. I have
always struggled with Sharing God's love to others. Finding that right time,
Sometimes it passes me by with a lose of words. This time I have the words.
I have the gift of the King. I pray for God to show me who to give the
gifted necklace to. My daughter longs for one, my best friend who is there
more than words, or the teen that needs support. Who God ? Who?
I only have the one.

I pray and place my necklace on like a daily ritual of love. God will show me.

The weekend is full of church activity, bazaars and preparations.

And then it happens I'm not feeling well and my heart isn't in the right place.
I'm not thinking about the necklace anymore.
God touches me and reminds me of the giving.

She says," I like your necklace"

The feeling of unrest disappears and I ask her to follow me . Follow
me words Jesus said. I tell her that This necklace is to remind me that I am
daughter of the King. That I am beautiful and wonderfully made.
Now I gift that to you. Tears come for us both. This women before me has
given so  much, True friendship resides here and respect for one another.
Warm hugs are given. I smile inside.

 Everyone should know this. All women should
know their value. We are often lost in the leading, in the arranging,
In being mothers.
More should know, should remember their worth. It is written.

 I long for more necklaces. Maybe I will give mine away too.
It blessed me and now it can bless others.
Give the gift of the knowing.

This is my new ministry.

Learn more about how the Crowned by the King ministry was started
by watching the video below.

You can view more testimonies and find out how this can be your new
ministry too on utube Crowned by the King Website, Facebook
Twitter and  Linkedin

I have created a link on my side bar for my crowned moments.
I am enjoying this ministry and there will be more moments such as these.

Warm blessings,


 I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review.
 I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated
in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am
disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
I am part of 
The CWA Review Crew

The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing
Saturday, November 17, 2012

And it's the time to be sick

I have been missing from my little blog all week. I am carrying some
nasty little bug that just wants to hang on to me. I feel so tired
and this cough is terrible. It has been a long week of trying to
school and trying to rest, never mind the mess in the house.
I just haven't felt much like writing or blogging. I hope to be back
on Monday. I have some thoughts to get out and several posts started,
but for now I'm laying down. It is a busy weekend from one thing to the
next grocery shopping, church bazaar, Birthday for the grandbabies,
Bible breakfast is this week, and evening youth activities which we
may miss we will see how I am feeling by then.

So I'm hopping off and heading to bed.

Hoping all of you are well,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bible Breakfast Donuts

This Months Bible Breakfast was DONUTS!!!
Who doesn't love donuts. The kids were given plain donuts and then
decorated them. They had cool whip, m&ms, chocolate syrup, sprinkles,
fruit, Vanilla and chocolate icing, Chocolate chips, and more. They were a great
icky sticky mess.

Here are a few bible lesson links to Donuts.

O -bey Donuts by DLTK

Donut and the Hole Devotional

Here was our....

First make a donut shape with your hands and say this little
rhyme " As you go through life make this your goal ; Look at the donut
and not the hole."

Don't dwell on what isn't there. Open you heart to what is. God.

You could also use your donuts as the O in Joy.

We played a game called All I need...

Get in a circle and shout out as you pass a ball.

All I need to make spaghetti
Children say ingredients.

All I need for Joy, Peace, Friends, God , God's blessing etc....
I found this I think from Christian Ministry website but not sure
which one. If you know help me give credit.

My daugher in the teal sweatshirt trying to hide from the camera.

Happy Donut day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Bodies

Learning About our Bodies Toddler Style....

Activity 1- Body naming

I had Sweet pea lay down on the floor and I outlined her with
blue painters tape. We added eyes, nose and mouth.

Then we grabbed Beanies and tossed them onto the body outline.
Naming the body parts. This went on for sometime. She enjoyed this activity.

Activity 2- Matching

Matching our Body Printed out two sets of body part cards
Matching cards. I thought she could do this again and again but
with her love of glue we had to glue them down.

Activity 3- Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all.
Practicing our drawing skills on a mirror cut out.

Activity 4 -Paper doll

I drew a paper doll and we added a dress and hair for her to have her own
doll. We talked about the body parts of her doll. You can probably find
lots of paper dolls online. I wanted her simple. We used brown felt for hair
you could also use yarn or just crayons. She Carried this doll around and played
with her for a few days. Until I finally found her tore and battered in the play room.

Activity 5- Emotions

We talked about different kinds of emotions. I found these stamps at
oriental Trading. These emotion stamps are on sale right Now for $1.99

We thought they looked like pumpkin faces so we used orange paint and added
some leaves for a fall and emotion activitiy.

Warm Blessings

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toddler Time New pages

You can download Toddler Time New Planning Sheets from file for share.

Toddler time was created in an effort to be intentional with my young child's
play and in doing so create a program for her that works along with our
homeschool days. It is often hard to chisel out that one on one time with
her with the older children having so great of  educational need. I wanted
a way for me to be accountable to myself and my child. If you would like
to learn more about our Toddler Time when my little one was 2 click the
link. This year my toddler is 3 and we are on to a whole new world
of exploration. I created a new set of planning sheets this year in an
effort to simplify things. I found the sticker charts to time consuming.
I apologize for not getting them out sooner. You can choose to use the
plain weekly plan for those that don't have color ink or the pages with
a month theme to them. I  did keep the color limited even then to save
on that precious printer ink. Especially when there are so many great
things available for toddlers to print out in the world wide web.

At the top of the chart you will find a weekly plan for Art, Creative play
and Tumble time.

Art- My daughter loves to cut, glue, paint, and play with play dough.
It is very important to young children to introduce them to these supplies.
Often times parents don't want the mess but the value of having these
creative experiences out weigh the mess. The first thing most children
develop is creative thinking so why not help your child explore that.

Creative play- Creative play can be anything from tactile, to a game
and even dramatic play. Since young ones are developing that creative
mind these are things that will foster that develpment. Check out
the website Zero to three for more ideas and  how tos of playing
with children birth to 3 years of age. This website is wonderful it's
a must see if you have young children. Creative play is in place of the
toddler basket . We may still have a toddler basket for our play time
but my also other experiences included.

Tumble time- This year I added tumble time to my toddlers day. She
is often very active and needs active play. I find that a lot of the time
she is sitting at the table with us and as a little one I know she
needs to be moving more than she has been .

At the bottom of the planning sheet you will find Storytime and  songs
or fingerplays.

Storytime-  Story time fosters early language. I try to include several options
for our readying time together. Sometimes we might have book with only
pictures so Sweet pea and tell about the story herself. Other times I will
read the story to her or use one word picture stories for her to name them.
We also will be listening to books on tape or CD and story time on U tube.
You can vary this listening time.

Songs and Finger plays- Songs and finger plays have been determental
in helping Sweet pea with her speech. I really believe that the songs greatly
improved her vocabulary and anunciation. Along with the naming activity
from above with picture books.

I hope you can use my toddler time sheets in a way that will benefit you
and your child. I would also like to direct you again to the zero to 3 website.
As you do your planning for your little one or ones you might want to take a
peek at their 12 podcast on the development of young children.
 The series is called Little Kids, Big questions.

Here is a list of the 12 topics.
Creating Healthy Connections: Nurturing Brain Development From

Birth to Three Featuring Alison Gopnik, Ph.D.

Our Families, Ourselves: How Our History Influences How We Raise Our Children

Featuring Daniel Siegel, Ph.D.

Night-Night…or Not: Talking About Babies, Toddlers, and Sleep

Featuring Jodi Mindell, Ph.D.

Early Experiences Count: How Emotional Development Unfolds Starting at Birth

Featuring Ross Thompson, Ph.D.

Beyond “Use Your Words!”: How Babies Begin to Develop Self-Control in the

First Three Years Featuring Brenda Jones-Harden, Ph.D.

Turning On or Tuning Out: The Influence of Media on Young Children’s
Development Featuring Ellen Wartella, Ph.D.

Across the Generations: The Role of Grandparents in Young Children’s Lives

Featuring Barbara Bowman, M.A.

Feeding the Body and Mind: Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits From the Start

Featuring Daniel Kessler, M.D.

Daddy, Papi, Papa or Baba: The Influence of Father’s on Young

Children’s Development Featuring Kyle Pruett, M.D.

Shh, Shh, It’s Okay: Coping With Crying in Babies and Toddlers

Featuring Pamela High, M.D.

“I Like Me!”: Developing Self-Esteem in the Early Years

Featuring Jeree Pawl, Ph.D.

Sharing the Care: How Partnering with Your Child’s Caregiver Supports

Healthy Development Featuring Jerlean Daniel, Ph.D.

Warm Blessings,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Church Art- Pumpkin art and Fall bulletin boards

We were crafty in church the other week. We created some fun fall pumpkin art.
This one is done by an older girl in our church. Tissue paper and leaves.

Sweet peas pumpkins She never does just one. They are now on our fridge.
I really like the top one. I added the yarn for her but the rest she basically did.

We used a whole bunch of supplies Gems, beans, leaves, and tissue paper.

I think these would have been great on a bulletin board but we already have
this one up in our nursery. Everyone decorated a pair of shoes and a leaf.

This one was in our church sanctuary area. It says leafing through the bible. It's in the
hallway so it was hard to get a photo. I took a few. I'm in charge of two bulletin boards
at church so if your looking for ideas more coming in the future.

Leafing through the Bible

I used paper bags to create the trunk and cut out leaves for each book of the bible.
The little kids painted some tye die paper towels to add to it so they are in there here
are there.

Warm Blessings,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exciting Bloggity Fun

This week is about over... Sheew I feel like it keeps going and going.
Before I get back to regular posting I wanted to tell you about some fun
Blog news. First a Dentist office out in Texas asked to use Spirits photo
in their ad for a Dental office. Remember the photo of him in his Alligator
costume. Well it's only fitting that Alligator Dental asked for his mug shot.
Take a peek. Please to not try to enter the contest here go to their website
and follow the rules. There are strict rules about the counties in Texas that may
apply so please follow their rules. The contest actually ends today at midnight
so if you live in that area you will have to act fast.

Next it's my favorite time of the year. It's time for the 5 minutes for moms
Christmas Giveaway. Each day starting today you will be able to enter
contest giveaways. See rules on their website for directions in entering.
In the past I have won a necklace and a crockpot. Wish me luck for this year
and good luck to those entering.  

If you know anyone that is in need of gifts this christmas click the
under the tree image and enter them to recieve help. I know in our area there
are many with the economy the way it has been. Now with the east coast
being hit by Hurricane Sandy I imagine for some it has been devastating
even more so. Please bless someone.

Last but  not least I have joined the CWA Christian Womens Review Crew....
I can hardly wait to pass on some good Christian books and products to all of you.
The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing

Warm Blessings all,


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