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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spider Math

Spiders Spiders everywhere... This week we took one day to learn all about
Spiders. Today I am sharing some of our math portion. I bought a pack of spider
rings and cut off the ring part. It was cheaper than buying them without them and I got
100 in a package. Great for math practices.

 I printed out two spider webs. You can get one free on the web. I got mine
free from teachers pay teachers. It was actually for a phonetically awareness sheet
but it works for my math lesson too. Spider Web I have two laminated pocket so
I placed the webs in each to protect them. Then Spirit worked on his elementary math
facts. This day we were working on addition problems to 16. We worked on
various combinations. I used small paper plates that I drew mini webs on with sharpie
and he was able to then write the various ways of finding the number in the center in
this case it was 13. Great practice and quite time center when working with other
children in the homes.

We also find this one on teacher pay teacher. So the photo isn't centered. This was
a tally sheet representing who is afraid of spiders. Tallying is something we are working
toward as one of our goals. Spirit tends to write to many before he realizes he has
gone to far. I sent out a question to my friends on facebook. If they were afraid of
spiders. I gave them a few days to answer. Then Spirit was able to tally those that
responded. We plan to put this into a graph next week. You can find this worksheet

There are a lot of things you can find to do with spiders. Check out
my spider Pin board. More posts to come on our activities.

Warm Blessings,



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