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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Read Aloud

We just finished our 1st First Grade Read aloud. I so enjoyed
reading it to my little guy. The story is so charming and relates to children
of all ages. I found that the older children enjoyed it too. At first they
pretended not to be paying attention by by the time we hit the last chapter
they were commenting and chimming in on their own cures for childs
behaviors. Spirit was disappointed when I informed him that the story
was over. Perhaps we will have to get the other books in the series and read
those as well. Below is a description of the book ...

"Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is the neighbor everyone wishes they had. She's
the widow of a pirate, lives in an upside down house, and is always
ready for a tea party with freshly baked cookies. She's such an expert
on kids that parents have started calling on her wisdom to cure their kids
when they start misbehaving. And whether it's making chores into a game
or getting kids to take a bath, she's sure to have the answer to make
everyone happy again." From Amazon

We read the story by chapter. Breaking it up is pretty easy. The story
is rather predictable but it didn't stop the childrens interest. The problems
of each parent are exaggerated and then the child is "cured" by Mrs.
Piggle Wiggle. Cures such as Won't go to Bedder cure. Mrs. Piggle
Wiggle has an excentric view on raising children. It was loads of fun
to read . We give this story a 5 thumbs up as all 5 of us enjoyed it.

I will be adding more of our read alouds as we complete them.
So keep your eyes peeled. Winnie the Pooh is next.

Warm Blessings



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