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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Puppy Love

We have a new friend in the family. My dad in his retirement decided
he needed a dog in the house again. My family has always had a love
for shitz-tzu. So of course a shitz-tzu was found. My son researched
on the net and found Lily. Shes' so adorable. Now when my parents
get an animal it is like it is ours too because they readily share.

This is my dad with Lily. She is young and it was a cold day so we
wrapped her in a blanket during her visit. Doesn't my dad look so great.
Its been only a few months since his heart attack and he is doing great.

Mom and Dad frequent a resturant that is near our house so we were
able to puppy sit while they ate out. Then they picked up the kids
and all went to the pet shop to buy goodies for Lily.

Sweet Pea is not a big dog friend. She lays across the bench at the table and
will pet her from above. This photo she look cheery enough. We hope she
will come to love Lily.

My dad is already attached to her. She cries if he goes outside without
her. She has been such a blessing to them and I'm so glad they found her.

Warm blessings,



  1. She's cute! My sister-in-law had a dog that looked exactly like Lily, but her name was Patches. :)


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