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Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft

Make your own paper bag scarecrows for Autumn.

Items you will need:
Yellow construction paper
Orange construction paper
black construction paper
brown paper lunch bag
buttons or desired decoration

Precut shapes for smaller children Noses are simple triangles.
Cut half ovals for eyes in yellow and then 2 circles in black. I traced
one of the kids toys that were round as a tracer. Cut strips of yellow
about 1/4 in. for hair. I cut the yellow paper the short way across then
cut that in half. Begin by folding down you paper bag about an inch.
The bottom flap of the bag will be on this side as well.

Turn it over and begin gluing eyes and nose. Leave at least
and inch and a half at the top of the bag for adding the hat
at the end. Arrange eyes anyway you'd like.

Grab a black marker and draw a mouth, eyebrows, stitches on nose
and cheeks if you like. Be creative. Eye lashes for lassies.

Sit your bag up and open it. Begin tearing newspaper and scrunching it
into balls. Don't try to stuff an entire page in it will tear your bag. Once the
bag is full fold down you end again like above.

Next you want to create your hat. Lay your scare crow on your newspaper
long ways. Allow 1 and a half inches on each side then cut the extra length.
Now I cut mine from a merchandiser paper so it was smaller. Fold the
paper in half.

From the folded side fold the corners in to created a point like

Fold the bottom of one side up to the edge of your triangle . You will
have a rectangle below your triangle. Then fold that up over your triangle
like below.

Flip that hat over and fold the other side. Tape the top corner to hold it
together. Then staple your hat to your scarecrow. We added button.
embelishments to our hats . You can add anything you like or nothing.

We sat our happy Scarecrows on our window sills. Love them.

Warm blessings,



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