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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Visit to the Firehouse

Now I have to tell you I have taken a lot of visits to the firehouse.
I have worked in prek for a looooong time. We have visited them and they
have visited us. Then along came my children and I visited again.
This my friends was the best so far. If you are lucky enough to visit
a paid working fire station like this one then you have won the firehouse
prize. This man was amazing in how he talked with the children and interacted
with them. I don't think my young ones will soon forget this trip.

(Fully dressed firefighter) We were able to watch a video when we arrived
and then we went to the fire trucks and sat on the floor to listen to them
explain basic fire safety. Did I mention how great he was?

Once dressed the firemanw went around and had the kids high five him.
This is so monumental in the kids not being afraid of the fireman if
a fire should happen.

The kids learned all about the trucks nad what is stored inside them.

I took this one because to my amazement my son didn't
know what a fire extinguisher was for. We need to remedy that.

Kids posing with Sparky.

More inside the truck tools and goodies.

Hanging out in front of the ladder truck.

Many size hoses.

Old fire truck that was in use in our area. So sad it came out blurry.
We often see this guy in local parades.

The hats and jackets from the men at Reliance. These jackets are soo thin
and would not have served the purpose well.

Spirit taking a pretend ride on the old fire truck . They were
also able to go inside of the newer ones.

Showing the kids the panel to see where a fire is located and all of their
maps for the area.

Coats and hats all hung in a row.

I loved this picture of all the hoses.

Heart would be proud sort of . Texture in photos. haha...

The little ones had a great day and when we came home, they
sported their fire hats. They used Cyrstal doll cradle as the fire truck.

More fire safety to come.

Warm Blessings,



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