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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One of Those Days

Every once in awhile you just have one of those days and what can you do
but move ahead. Superboy usually makes breakfast in the mornings. He just
likes doing it. I was planning on him making it but he was really grouchy and didn't
want to. I didn't make him but that put me behind in what I was doing.  I've been
taking some college courses in child development and will share some of it here
with you soon. I was working on my required assignment on the discussion board.
(I'm taking this class online) I finished this and then... I also forgot to print some
math pages I wanted for the day. Our printer is not convenient. Its upstairs in my
bedroom. This May change as it's a challenge to get things printed all the time. I'm
just not sure how to change it. The desk already has so much plugged in behind it.
I hate to add more. I ran upstairs to do this and Superboy took out the trash it
was trash day. Then I came down got them started on a few things and made
everyone some eggs for breakfast. I felt rushed already. I like to keep to our
schedule the same as much as I can because it helps everyone stay on track.
It also helps with my sanity. I feel centered when I'm on track verses in
a rush. Plus I don't like to feel like I'm rushing them. So I took a deep breath
and pretended we were on our schedule .

Spirit started later than I wanted because of all the other things we were doing.
Everyone was so wound up so I pulled the small trampoline in the room
because I could see the younger ones needed some hopping. We took some
turns and then got back to math. Spirit fusses over his math some which is
something he has been doing lately but he most often gets the entire page
correct so I'm not sure what the fussing is about. I guess it's the figuring part
he doesn't like. It takes him a little while to figure the addition problems
out. We are getting better with practice. The older ones bickered back and
forth a few times over nothing.  I had to intervene. Then my mom called.
Princess had borrowed her cell phone while she walked the crop walk.
Could they come and pick it up..Sure why not. It was just one of
those days. Sometimes we just have them and
you just dust yourself off and move ahead. Its all you can do. Some quiet
prayer helps too. In all of this I look and see Sweet pea laying on the
trampoline with her pillow looking at her picture bible and I smiled.
That sweet little scene change my whole mood. What was I rushing for.
We had no where to rush too and the schedule can sometimes wait.
(picture above)

We took a long lunch and all took some quiet time alone. Then
at 3 we decided to go for it and finish our lessons. We managed to finish
and had a rousing discussion and activity with the Egyptian pyramids.

The older kids ended the day watching Edward Scissor hands
and eating Ham and Green beans for dinner . The littles played.
just about everything. I think all the toys were out. It took quite awhile to get
them away before bed. It turned out to be not such a bad day after all.

Warm Blessings,



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