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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mummies / Ancient Egypt Study

The last few weeks we have been studying Ancient Egypt.
I can't wait to show you all what we have been doing. The boys have
really been into the whole Egyptian time period. This study was geared
toward my 1st Grader but my 6th grader has jumped in as well.
Here are a list of topics we have discussed to far.

The Nile River --Upper and Lower Egypt
Hieroglyphics- What they used for paper and how it was made.
God's of Egypt- We read different stories about the Gods
Mummies -The process of mummification

We will be completing next week

The pyramids
King Tut
Cinderella Princess

You didn't miss anything. We just had so much fun with the Mummies
that I thought I'd share it with your first. So watch for our other Egypt
Activities in the next few weeks.

We Started our Mummy unit with this book. It's an easy reader
for Grades 1-3. It tells all about the Mummification process for
those Early readers. We took turns reading pages and I filled in words
he didn't know as we went along. You will find the book Mummies
at the link provided. (This book came with our K-12 curriculum)

Next we Made a Virtual Mummy.

Click the link Here to begin. The boys LOVED this activity and did it several times.

As a Read aloud we picked up the Magic Tree house book
Mummies in the Morning. This kept the boys on their toes and they kept asking
me to read more. My 6th grader was able to read some to the 1st grader as well.
You can find the Mummies in the morning book on  Amazon . Jack and  Annie
jump into a book about Mummies. They are in search of investigating one on their
own. Will the find one and will they be safe as they go on this fun adventure.

We also are using this from Magic tree house as an added study guide.
This is Jack and Annie's own guide to the secrets of Egypt.
Including :
Egyptian God's and Goddesses
How mummies were made
tomb treasures and more.....

You can find this book Here

To top off our adventure we created some movable mummies
The idea came from Family Chic

They are easy to do just bend wire in the shape of a person. We used
wire from walmart it's called Garden Training wire. I don't think it is exactly
like the wire on Family chic. Hers seemed wider then ours but it worked out
just fine. Then we took Muslin and cut them into strips. I did this while the
boys were doing their virtual mummy. The simple wrap them up.

I found that it worked best to start at the head and then tuck
the piece into the stomach before you end. Then wrap from the body to
the arm then the body to the other arm. I also tied a few knots in the
back of the body and tucked it inside. This seemed to hold better as the
boys were using them as action figures and getting rather rough with
them . Their legs kept coming unwrapped until I knotted.

Spirit pretending he is afraid of his mummy.

Here's a close up of a completed mummy.

Spirit showing off his mummies. (Love the punch mouth)

Superboys Mummy.

I advice having extra supplies the boys wanted
to continue making them. I may go get more muslin to make some
more. I bought a few packs of wire but only used one and we made
6 mummies from it. I used 3 yards of muslin to complete those 6.

This activity was to difficult for Sweet pea age 3 but I made one for her.
As we made them we listened and watched this just for fun Mummy melody.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We finished up Egypt a week or so ago and its always fun!

  2. How fun! I love your cute mummies. Great unit study.


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