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Monday, October 1, 2012

Math Skills and Calendar

Every Monday and Wednesday we review Math vocabulary before regular
math lessons occur. I feel vocabulary is very important in understanding concepts
On Tuesdays and Thursday we review a skill that needs practice. Right now
we are working on counting to 100, counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. On Fridays
we review something he has done in the past that is simple but might need a refresher
to keep it in there. This Friday we are reviewing Time. (hour and Half hour)
These activities are done along with his regularly scheduled math homework.
In case you are wondering He is my 1st grade math student but I find regular
review of concepts works well for all my students.

Then daily we work in a Calendar Journal notebook as there are
still some concepts with calendar that need to be addressed.

This Calendar page (Don't let the glare hurt your eyes) is from
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten
I have laminated the page for use over and over again. This goes in
Spirits front pocket of his Calendar folder.

Inside the folder you will find blank monthy Calendars waiting to be filled in. As
a first grader Spirit should be able to write his numbers to 100. We fill them daily and
on Monday fill in for Saturday and Sunday. Today is the first of Oct. but this is a shot
of our September Calendar. You can find the printable Calendar Growing Kindergarten
There are some Great monthly Poems in there as well.

Next page is our days in school page. I used plastic protector pages
which are baseball card holders for his hundreds , tens and ones. I placed
scrapbook paper in each square to make it a little decorative. You will find these
at Homeschool creations along with the weather and days in school chart.

This is our concept pocket. Right now it houses our Months for our month song.
As I want to review concepts they are placed in these side pockets for a little
more review. This clear pockets came from couponing protectors. You can usually
find these at the same place as those baseball card pockets.

This is our days in School Calendar. We have some parties
Scheduled for our 50th day and our 100th day.

Next we have a weather chart that is graphed  to see what type of weather
we had for this particular month.

Spirit also doesn't always make wise choices when it comes to weather. So
I created this weather bear way back when I began teaching preschool .
He has his own wardrobe for dress up for each particular weather day and
is stored in a laminated pocket in Spirits folder. Printable and directions to make
Weather bear coming tomorrow.

Warm Blessings,



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