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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mat Man Fun

If you know about Handwriting without Tears then you  probably have
heard of Mat man. I used mat man to go along with my daughters (age 3's)
activities on the body. (more to come) You can learn more about how to use
mat man by watching this u-tube video. There are other videos on u- tube
but I liked this one.

This is our mat man before the hair and belly button. Spirit age 6 was
interested in the wood pieces too. Mat man is a great way to learn
about our bodies in a fun way. You can order the wood pieces on
their website. I was able to get all the handwriting without tears extras
at our local homeschool sale in the spring for only $5. It was a great bargain.

After Mat man the kids fiddled with the pieces and created some fun
creations themselves. They made so many . Spirit was taking pictures
for me and wasn't pushing the button down enough so I only have these two,
but I think they show enough what can be made.

I should have turned this photo for you this is a helicopter in case the
direction it's in is confusing.

And of course Superboy gets in the act even if he wan't playing with the pieces.

So get out those mat man shapes they have many purposes.

(Sorry for the lack of postings this week we have been sick, but are better now)
Warm Blessings,


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