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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girlhood Grace

I went up into my daughters room this afternoon. The curtians were
swaying. She had just finished painting a coat of piant on her walls,
just yesterday. When she approached me about painting her room red,
black and Tan. I was really unsure expecially the black. I relented.
A give of giving. I look at her with wonder. She has grown so much.
We have been through so many struggles with Adhd, dyslexia and
just living day to day as a homeschooled teenage girl. The grace in it
isn't always prevelant. She still wants to fit in with her church friends.
She longs for a cell phone. She wants all time access to the internet.
One day she will be free for it all. She is still deciding. Deciding who
she is and where she belongs. My Hope is in God. My Hope is
in my child. Let me show you her room. I am just loving it.

The thing I love the most is how much her rooms says this is me. She knows
better sometimes than I do who she is, yet she's still searching.  I love that about
my  girls. She's a beautiful flower among brushes. Shes the candle of light
and goodness. Even when she struggles so hard at being good, but
her heart is so full of it. The goodness just shines even if she is embarrassed
For others to see it. It's just there.

This is a guitar hook for her party dress. We found this at the beach
this summer and it really says her. Music after all  is a teen.

I love how organized she is . Took much practice. I love How panda still lays
on her bed at 15. I love that she keeps a photo of our long gone puppy.
It make my heart sad that she misses him but I know she has grown.
He was there to get her though those school days that were stressful.
When she needed  a friend. Her anxiety would take her to petting him
and I could see her relax and be able to concentrate.
(sorry puppy left a glare)

This is my very favorite spot in her room. Her scrapbook stuff
Right beside a weight. Love it . So my girl

Love this one too. Our Native American heritage alongside her NIV bible
and her mountian dew. The past meets present, meets past and the who
of us. See the pink to the left that is her bible . The right is the box. This
means she had it out of the box!! Whoo hooo. God work in my girls heart.

This is the confusion of heart. The Twilight saga that has drawn the girls in.
More the romance . Time passes on I have faith she will find her way.
The seed is there. Shes been attending two youth groups a week.
She has always been forthright about telling me she isn't sure what
she believes. Last night her words were I'm not quite there yet,
but the meaning in it is I'm almost there. Reach and God will catch you.

Black and red walls behind the bed. 2 black, 2 red, window trip and door tan.


I want that Grace for my daughter I want her to know the truth.
I taught her. I read her bible stories. I prayed over her . Now it's up to
her. You can only lead them toward and hope they stay. Goodness will
prevail.  Truth. Truth for her very soul.

Pray for our teens. Know their heart. Listen and guide
but allow them the excitement of finding it and knowing when they do.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Being a teen is so hard. One minute they want to be older, then they want to be young. Then they are silly and talkative and the next breath, leave me alone, go away. I never know how my 15 year old is going to act. My 14 year old isn't quite as brassy as her sister. She doesn't usually tell me to go away, unless she's crying about something. She's my emotional one.

    I think you did right by letting her paint, choosing her colors. :)

  2. I agree with you it is soo hard. It's hard to be their parent too. My oldest wasn't as up and down as this daughter but I think she is finding her way. Little by little.

    I actually like the colors and I didn't think I would. :)



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