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Monday, October 1, 2012

Create your own Weather Bear

This little Bear has been around for quite sometime. I created him way back
when I taught preschool at a YWCA program. Funding was rather low
so I was always trying to create my own things. I figure he is 18 years old
and holding up rather well. Now I use him in our homeschool and the young
ones just love him. To make him you will need colored paper, sharpie,
laminator , printer and velcro. My bear was hand drawn and so I redrew
him for you.

You can grab all of the patterns shown here in my file for share.
Weather Bear Zip file

Summer look with sunglasse. His T-shirt is missing so I will replace that.
For now hes wearing his hoodie with shorts. The sun glasses don't get velcro
to the back. They just lay on his face.

All you need to do is print out onto colored paper desired colors for each
piece. Cut them out. I would then draw over my lines with sharpie to give
it a darker line effect. Then have your pieces laminated. I did not cut out
the face of the hoodie from the laminate. It is like he's looking through a little

Every Bear needs a raincoat. This is how Mr. Bear looks sporting his.

His winter mittens are on his pattern as well. You could get very creative with
these using scrapbook paper for cloths and creating a variety of outfits.
Mine are rather plain since funds were limited. Hoping to add a few things
soon to his clothing collection.

This is his winter attire. His coat has some fur around the bottom.
you will have to cut the fur out and glue it to the coat. Yes, Real men
wear pink or perhaps you can make it a Mrs. Weather bear.

Enjoy  your Bear. Please share pictures if you create him.

Warm blessings,



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