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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn Trees

Simple Autumn Trees using our favorite paints. It's a great way to
get creative without the mess.  Grab some crayons and draw your tree
trunk. If your not the best artist you can trace your hand for
branches and your arm for the trunk.  These are the best painters.
I have used them now for several years. The bio paints are inside
the bottles. The tips are soft . You gently squeeze the first time you use
them and then after that they come out on their on by just dabbing .

We use discount school supplies for most of our artistic needs.
You can find them on sale Bio Painters . They last a long time. I bought
my first set about 3 years ago or more and just this year had to purchase
a new set.

My little Sweet pea loves glue and wouldn't be happy unless she can
glue something in a project. So we decided to add some tissue paper
leaves to our trees as well. We grabbed our bag of tissue shapes . I also
bought these from discount school supplies but no longer see them on their
website. I did purchase those 3 years ago. To order a catalog click
Here. If you create some trees please share them with us.

Warm Blessings,


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