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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apple parties are for Weekends

Mommy Where are we going?

We are going to the Apple Havest Festival.

What's that?

An Apple Party?

Yeah , Guess what guys we are going to a Apple party.

Hay bale seats  for Apple shows. Apple puppets and Apple Magic.

Lot's to eat... Pumpkin funnel cake and pumpkin ice cream. Pit beef and
pork, Bar B que chicken, kettle corn and soo much more.

Apple Characters to visit with.

Enjoying our weekend with Family.

Learning hands on making Johnny Apple seed puppets and talking about
who he is. After 5 children I can tell it by heart.

More Johnny.

Hugs from sister at the petting zoo. Many things for children to to.
Animals, crafts, games, clowns and on it goes.

Chicken Karaoke with brother. This was so funny. They sang
Old McDonald had a farm and were the animals with funny hats.

Sprits part BARK BARK, Bark....

Superboys part  CLUCK, CLUCK,CLUCK...

The chicken he is holding is a microphone soo funny.

We are so cool at the Apple Party . Dancing to the music.

Facepainting too.

Our weekend of photos.

New things to come.

Warm Blessings,



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