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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Day of Being The Glue

I wake at 6 am. Sweet pea is right in my face as usual. Looking willing
my eyes to open. When she opens her eyes she expects instant get up
and go. Moms get up and go seems to have gone this morning. I stayed
up late washing daddy's laundry for work today and  working on some
school plans . I roll over and put the TV on. Cinderellas in the
VCR. I hit play. I feel the little one at my feet and soon hear her brother
sneak in. They whisper loud. I might as well get up. I'm not upset. I
listen for awhile to their innocent conversation and smile.

The glue will hold. It is strong.

I get myself together and head downstairs. Time with God this morning
has Gone. I have to sneak it in. Little ones don't wait. I pass Daddy
getting ready to leave for work and hit the shower. When I come out
I see he has left his lunch again. I take note to myself that I may have to
shower after he leaves so I can remind him. The older kids are playing
with the younger. We eat some quick cereal. We like to put the bulk of
our lessons Monday-Thursday leaving Fridays for catch up work Math
Language and phonics if needed for that child. We are usually finished by
noon. At least that is the goal. The reward for all our hard work and
early start to our weekend. This one in particular will be 3 days.

We all sit aimed to work. I begin math with Spirit and Superboy works
on a history assignment alone. Sweet Pea is in my lap and Princess is
working alone on her Spanish. The phone rings. I look at caller ID and
have to take this call.It's a young mom from our church family and all has
fallen apart. I have become lately the ear for listening.  I cry silently for her
as she talks. I can't put details here but my heart aches
for her. This conversation weighs heavy on my heart. When I was her age
her mother took me into her arms and helped carry me through. She passed
on a few years later. I miss our talks. This young lady misses her more.

The glue begins to let loose for an instant but sticks hard.

My heart is so heavy I call a friend to talk with her a little.  She is headed
out this weekend to a women's retreat with our church. I have to much
with the little ones to go. One day it will be my season . I pass on
something her daughter said to me Sunday that seems to have helped
her heart this day. These talks with her are just what I need.

The glue is firm and I'm ready Lord. Us me this day.

I end the call to finish the work I started with Spirit. We complete
his math, write a composition paper , and complete his phonics. I then
set myself up for a conference about possibly taking college courses
with our school. I doubt I'll get in the program. There are 180 applying
and only 14 will get it. I may not get it this year but they plan to offer
more in the future so perhaps next. During this conference my parents
stop by. This seems to be a usual occurrence. Mom found something at
a yard sale she thinks I must have and they literally hang it on the wall in the
hall while I'm in conference. I don't mind I Love them. Mom works with
spirit on some of his phonics workbook. Eventually dad gets tired and they
go just as my conference ends.

My support is my family. I cling to you Lord.

I feed the kids some left overs... and the phone goes again. I have a list
a mile long but it's my step daughter. She has a possible diagnosis for my
grandson and is taking him for speech therepy. I give some homeschool
suggestions. Her plan is to keep him at home. Her mom did well in teaching
her what is right. I'm just that ear that listens. It's so great to be able to have
this kind of relationship with her. This reminds me that I have to send her
some links with material to look at. Just as this call ends. Heart
comes in the door.

She is stopping by for some help with her communications homework.
She decided to do her speech on photography. She really had the ideas
already. I was just support and the kids were her photo guinea pigs.
Here are some tips I've gleaned from her.
Use Texture behind head shots to give them something of interest.

Take photos from above so your subject look up ...

Not Straight on.

But from an angle. Try taking some off center. (Love this by the way. )
Turn off your flash. (The one above with flash)
This one without flash. Seriously she tried to take some bad photos
but even her bads weren't so bad.

and just because I like this one here it is. Superboy was hiding in the house.
not in the mood for a photo shoot. I learned a lot about taking pictures.
Much  more than I can post today. It still amazes me at all my oldest
girl can handle and the women she has become.

This glue is solid. My faith in Him are full with these special gifts.

While the girls were snooping on facebook. I make a cheerios treat
and then start dinner. Hearts headed out and the kids and I pick
up and vacuum before daddy gets home. Our power went out and
I had to go down and click the breaker. Back to making dinner.
Daddy got home and we talked about each others day. After dinner
I run to walmart to get a few things.

I begin to weaken and tire but God will take me to the finish.

As soon as I come in the door Sweet pea was getting sick on the floor.
I sigh and clean it up. She has had a cough that sometimes results in this.
Then I sit and watch wipeout with daddy as he animatedly talks about
work. I listen again to all the details.

 My giving is about at the end for this day. I come and
pass this post onto you and my next step is bed. I was the
glue today that held things together. I don't mind being the
ear to hear and the solver to the problem. I don't mind being
this to all of them. I am their glue and they are  mine.

I am a Christian.
I am a women,
lover and mother.
I am a listener
and I am the Glue.

Warm blessings,



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