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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

 Hi everyone. Just a quick post from me today. It has been a very
interesting week here in Pennsylvania. First we prepared for Hurricane Sandy
and then we bundled tight as it hit our county. All is well here with my family.
We faired far better than most, with just a little bit of water in our basement.
Many in our area  are without power. I have so much to blog about.
I'm playing catch up with may of our household and school activities.
Please keep those families in your prayers that were hit
hard by the hurricane. I know there will be a lot of clean up going on in the
near future. Talk with you all tomorrow.

Warm Blessings,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mat Man Fun

If you know about Handwriting without Tears then you  probably have
heard of Mat man. I used mat man to go along with my daughters (age 3's)
activities on the body. (more to come) You can learn more about how to use
mat man by watching this u-tube video. There are other videos on u- tube
but I liked this one.

This is our mat man before the hair and belly button. Spirit age 6 was
interested in the wood pieces too. Mat man is a great way to learn
about our bodies in a fun way. You can order the wood pieces on
their website. I was able to get all the handwriting without tears extras
at our local homeschool sale in the spring for only $5. It was a great bargain.

After Mat man the kids fiddled with the pieces and created some fun
creations themselves. They made so many . Spirit was taking pictures
for me and wasn't pushing the button down enough so I only have these two,
but I think they show enough what can be made.

I should have turned this photo for you this is a helicopter in case the
direction it's in is confusing.

And of course Superboy gets in the act even if he wan't playing with the pieces.

So get out those mat man shapes they have many purposes.

(Sorry for the lack of postings this week we have been sick, but are better now)
Warm Blessings,
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One of Those Days

Every once in awhile you just have one of those days and what can you do
but move ahead. Superboy usually makes breakfast in the mornings. He just
likes doing it. I was planning on him making it but he was really grouchy and didn't
want to. I didn't make him but that put me behind in what I was doing.  I've been
taking some college courses in child development and will share some of it here
with you soon. I was working on my required assignment on the discussion board.
(I'm taking this class online) I finished this and then... I also forgot to print some
math pages I wanted for the day. Our printer is not convenient. Its upstairs in my
bedroom. This May change as it's a challenge to get things printed all the time. I'm
just not sure how to change it. The desk already has so much plugged in behind it.
I hate to add more. I ran upstairs to do this and Superboy took out the trash it
was trash day. Then I came down got them started on a few things and made
everyone some eggs for breakfast. I felt rushed already. I like to keep to our
schedule the same as much as I can because it helps everyone stay on track.
It also helps with my sanity. I feel centered when I'm on track verses in
a rush. Plus I don't like to feel like I'm rushing them. So I took a deep breath
and pretended we were on our schedule .

Spirit started later than I wanted because of all the other things we were doing.
Everyone was so wound up so I pulled the small trampoline in the room
because I could see the younger ones needed some hopping. We took some
turns and then got back to math. Spirit fusses over his math some which is
something he has been doing lately but he most often gets the entire page
correct so I'm not sure what the fussing is about. I guess it's the figuring part
he doesn't like. It takes him a little while to figure the addition problems
out. We are getting better with practice. The older ones bickered back and
forth a few times over nothing.  I had to intervene. Then my mom called.
Princess had borrowed her cell phone while she walked the crop walk.
Could they come and pick it up..Sure why not. It was just one of
those days. Sometimes we just have them and
you just dust yourself off and move ahead. Its all you can do. Some quiet
prayer helps too. In all of this I look and see Sweet pea laying on the
trampoline with her pillow looking at her picture bible and I smiled.
That sweet little scene change my whole mood. What was I rushing for.
We had no where to rush too and the schedule can sometimes wait.
(picture above)

We took a long lunch and all took some quiet time alone. Then
at 3 we decided to go for it and finish our lessons. We managed to finish
and had a rousing discussion and activity with the Egyptian pyramids.

The older kids ended the day watching Edward Scissor hands
and eating Ham and Green beans for dinner . The littles played.
just about everything. I think all the toys were out. It took quite awhile to get
them away before bed. It turned out to be not such a bad day after all.

Warm Blessings,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scripture Journal

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Lean not on your own understanding
in all ways aknowledge Him. He will make your path Straight.

Lean on Him.
Trust, Trust , Trust, Trust
Sea of life grabs hold of you don't sink or get lost, Reach for God
Give your all to God and God will return it two fold in Love
God is My all.

I decided to give scripture journaling a try along with my studies.
Drawing and painting relaxes me. I thought what a great way for
me to express my love of God. This is my first page. I bought a
hard bound sketchbook to write in.  Next week I will be
beginning a Max Lucado study and journaling along
the way. I thought I'd share my pages here with you to help keep me
accountable with this study.

Have a relaxing Sunday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spider Math

Spiders Spiders everywhere... This week we took one day to learn all about
Spiders. Today I am sharing some of our math portion. I bought a pack of spider
rings and cut off the ring part. It was cheaper than buying them without them and I got
100 in a package. Great for math practices.

 I printed out two spider webs. You can get one free on the web. I got mine
free from teachers pay teachers. It was actually for a phonetically awareness sheet
but it works for my math lesson too. Spider Web I have two laminated pocket so
I placed the webs in each to protect them. Then Spirit worked on his elementary math
facts. This day we were working on addition problems to 16. We worked on
various combinations. I used small paper plates that I drew mini webs on with sharpie
and he was able to then write the various ways of finding the number in the center in
this case it was 13. Great practice and quite time center when working with other
children in the homes.

We also find this one on teacher pay teacher. So the photo isn't centered. This was
a tally sheet representing who is afraid of spiders. Tallying is something we are working
toward as one of our goals. Spirit tends to write to many before he realizes he has
gone to far. I sent out a question to my friends on facebook. If they were afraid of
spiders. I gave them a few days to answer. Then Spirit was able to tally those that
responded. We plan to put this into a graph next week. You can find this worksheet

There are a lot of things you can find to do with spiders. Check out
my spider Pin board. More posts to come on our activities.

Warm Blessings,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mummies / Ancient Egypt Study

The last few weeks we have been studying Ancient Egypt.
I can't wait to show you all what we have been doing. The boys have
really been into the whole Egyptian time period. This study was geared
toward my 1st Grader but my 6th grader has jumped in as well.
Here are a list of topics we have discussed to far.

The Nile River --Upper and Lower Egypt
Hieroglyphics- What they used for paper and how it was made.
God's of Egypt- We read different stories about the Gods
Mummies -The process of mummification

We will be completing next week

The pyramids
King Tut
Cinderella Princess

You didn't miss anything. We just had so much fun with the Mummies
that I thought I'd share it with your first. So watch for our other Egypt
Activities in the next few weeks.

We Started our Mummy unit with this book. It's an easy reader
for Grades 1-3. It tells all about the Mummification process for
those Early readers. We took turns reading pages and I filled in words
he didn't know as we went along. You will find the book Mummies
at the link provided. (This book came with our K-12 curriculum)

Next we Made a Virtual Mummy.

Click the link Here to begin. The boys LOVED this activity and did it several times.

As a Read aloud we picked up the Magic Tree house book
Mummies in the Morning. This kept the boys on their toes and they kept asking
me to read more. My 6th grader was able to read some to the 1st grader as well.
You can find the Mummies in the morning book on  Amazon . Jack and  Annie
jump into a book about Mummies. They are in search of investigating one on their
own. Will the find one and will they be safe as they go on this fun adventure.

We also are using this from Magic tree house as an added study guide.
This is Jack and Annie's own guide to the secrets of Egypt.
Including :
Egyptian God's and Goddesses
How mummies were made
tomb treasures and more.....

You can find this book Here

To top off our adventure we created some movable mummies
The idea came from Family Chic

They are easy to do just bend wire in the shape of a person. We used
wire from walmart it's called Garden Training wire. I don't think it is exactly
like the wire on Family chic. Hers seemed wider then ours but it worked out
just fine. Then we took Muslin and cut them into strips. I did this while the
boys were doing their virtual mummy. The simple wrap them up.

I found that it worked best to start at the head and then tuck
the piece into the stomach before you end. Then wrap from the body to
the arm then the body to the other arm. I also tied a few knots in the
back of the body and tucked it inside. This seemed to hold better as the
boys were using them as action figures and getting rather rough with
them . Their legs kept coming unwrapped until I knotted.

Spirit pretending he is afraid of his mummy.

Here's a close up of a completed mummy.

Spirit showing off his mummies. (Love the punch mouth)

Superboys Mummy.

I advice having extra supplies the boys wanted
to continue making them. I may go get more muslin to make some
more. I bought a few packs of wire but only used one and we made
6 mummies from it. I used 3 yards of muslin to complete those 6.

This activity was to difficult for Sweet pea age 3 but I made one for her.
As we made them we listened and watched this just for fun Mummy melody.

Warm Blessings,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Puppy Love

We have a new friend in the family. My dad in his retirement decided
he needed a dog in the house again. My family has always had a love
for shitz-tzu. So of course a shitz-tzu was found. My son researched
on the net and found Lily. Shes' so adorable. Now when my parents
get an animal it is like it is ours too because they readily share.

This is my dad with Lily. She is young and it was a cold day so we
wrapped her in a blanket during her visit. Doesn't my dad look so great.
Its been only a few months since his heart attack and he is doing great.

Mom and Dad frequent a resturant that is near our house so we were
able to puppy sit while they ate out. Then they picked up the kids
and all went to the pet shop to buy goodies for Lily.

Sweet Pea is not a big dog friend. She lays across the bench at the table and
will pet her from above. This photo she look cheery enough. We hope she
will come to love Lily.

My dad is already attached to her. She cries if he goes outside without
her. She has been such a blessing to them and I'm so glad they found her.

Warm blessings,


Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft

Make your own paper bag scarecrows for Autumn.

Items you will need:
Yellow construction paper
Orange construction paper
black construction paper
brown paper lunch bag
buttons or desired decoration

Precut shapes for smaller children Noses are simple triangles.
Cut half ovals for eyes in yellow and then 2 circles in black. I traced
one of the kids toys that were round as a tracer. Cut strips of yellow
about 1/4 in. for hair. I cut the yellow paper the short way across then
cut that in half. Begin by folding down you paper bag about an inch.
The bottom flap of the bag will be on this side as well.

Turn it over and begin gluing eyes and nose. Leave at least
and inch and a half at the top of the bag for adding the hat
at the end. Arrange eyes anyway you'd like.

Grab a black marker and draw a mouth, eyebrows, stitches on nose
and cheeks if you like. Be creative. Eye lashes for lassies.

Sit your bag up and open it. Begin tearing newspaper and scrunching it
into balls. Don't try to stuff an entire page in it will tear your bag. Once the
bag is full fold down you end again like above.

Next you want to create your hat. Lay your scare crow on your newspaper
long ways. Allow 1 and a half inches on each side then cut the extra length.
Now I cut mine from a merchandiser paper so it was smaller. Fold the
paper in half.

From the folded side fold the corners in to created a point like

Fold the bottom of one side up to the edge of your triangle . You will
have a rectangle below your triangle. Then fold that up over your triangle
like below.

Flip that hat over and fold the other side. Tape the top corner to hold it
together. Then staple your hat to your scarecrow. We added button.
embelishments to our hats . You can add anything you like or nothing.

We sat our happy Scarecrows on our window sills. Love them.

Warm blessings,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Read Aloud

We just finished our 1st First Grade Read aloud. I so enjoyed
reading it to my little guy. The story is so charming and relates to children
of all ages. I found that the older children enjoyed it too. At first they
pretended not to be paying attention by by the time we hit the last chapter
they were commenting and chimming in on their own cures for childs
behaviors. Spirit was disappointed when I informed him that the story
was over. Perhaps we will have to get the other books in the series and read
those as well. Below is a description of the book ...

"Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is the neighbor everyone wishes they had. She's
the widow of a pirate, lives in an upside down house, and is always
ready for a tea party with freshly baked cookies. She's such an expert
on kids that parents have started calling on her wisdom to cure their kids
when they start misbehaving. And whether it's making chores into a game
or getting kids to take a bath, she's sure to have the answer to make
everyone happy again." From Amazon

We read the story by chapter. Breaking it up is pretty easy. The story
is rather predictable but it didn't stop the childrens interest. The problems
of each parent are exaggerated and then the child is "cured" by Mrs.
Piggle Wiggle. Cures such as Won't go to Bedder cure. Mrs. Piggle
Wiggle has an excentric view on raising children. It was loads of fun
to read . We give this story a 5 thumbs up as all 5 of us enjoyed it.

I will be adding more of our read alouds as we complete them.
So keep your eyes peeled. Winnie the Pooh is next.

Warm Blessings


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Visit to the Firehouse

Now I have to tell you I have taken a lot of visits to the firehouse.
I have worked in prek for a looooong time. We have visited them and they
have visited us. Then along came my children and I visited again.
This my friends was the best so far. If you are lucky enough to visit
a paid working fire station like this one then you have won the firehouse
prize. This man was amazing in how he talked with the children and interacted
with them. I don't think my young ones will soon forget this trip.

(Fully dressed firefighter) We were able to watch a video when we arrived
and then we went to the fire trucks and sat on the floor to listen to them
explain basic fire safety. Did I mention how great he was?

Once dressed the firemanw went around and had the kids high five him.
This is so monumental in the kids not being afraid of the fireman if
a fire should happen.

The kids learned all about the trucks nad what is stored inside them.

I took this one because to my amazement my son didn't
know what a fire extinguisher was for. We need to remedy that.

Kids posing with Sparky.

More inside the truck tools and goodies.

Hanging out in front of the ladder truck.

Many size hoses.

Old fire truck that was in use in our area. So sad it came out blurry.
We often see this guy in local parades.

The hats and jackets from the men at Reliance. These jackets are soo thin
and would not have served the purpose well.

Spirit taking a pretend ride on the old fire truck . They were
also able to go inside of the newer ones.

Showing the kids the panel to see where a fire is located and all of their
maps for the area.

Coats and hats all hung in a row.

I loved this picture of all the hoses.

Heart would be proud sort of . Texture in photos. haha...

The little ones had a great day and when we came home, they
sported their fire hats. They used Cyrstal doll cradle as the fire truck.

More fire safety to come.

Warm Blessings,


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