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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Words Compounded

Life compounded... It came on hard this week. Questions, anxiety,
lessons learned hard, hard lessons learned, mix-ups and fix-ups.
I felt like the gentle repairer. Repairing of hearts. Repairing of question
and issues and messes. Reaching out gently keeping my calm and yet
feeling all frantic inside. Never letting on. Never letting Go and then
the light comes on and I realize that Jesus took time alone. Jesus took
the time to rejuvinate and repair. I gathered and repaired in Prayer.
Giving me the strength for more.


Big Project this week:

We are tackling the boys room. It is the beginnings of hoarding. Tackling it
a little at a time. How it got this way I do not know but its getting there.
We set a timer for so many a minutes per day and work. We will work till
it's done. Then comes the school supplies. Much of it I never touch. Why is
it here taking up space for things I do use. No more. The Great clean out begins.


Compound word practice:

Spirit struggled a little this week with the concept of compounds words.
Threw together a quick practice for him. Gathered math cubes and wrote
words with dryerase pen. Will do this again . Loved it for word work.
Spirit matched them into words and then we used I phone print out to
type them in and write them out .

You can get the I-phone @  Dragonfly iphone freebie

Relaxing this Saturday. Took a trip to our local market and strolled around.
A generous man gave the little ones two furry stuffy friends for free. So kind.
Grabbed huge heads of cabbage. Making cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and
sausage for dinner. Lots of good smells.


We created a ball pit for Sweet pea . A friend gave us a big bag of balls.
We put them in a little plastic pool. Sweet pea is relaxing soaking her feet
in her ball pit and sitting in her baby doll stroller. This is a few weeks ago
as this week the weather is cool and we have pulled out our fall


Warm Blessings,



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