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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whats On my Clipboard?

Binder or Clipboard???  I admit to having several binders for various reasons
but I don't really like the bulky binders laying around. I prefer a clipboard
for my daily use items. I do have a homeschool binder. It is a great source and
reference to many good things. You can see my  Homeschool Notebook at the
link provided. I also have a Home binder which is less organized. I have to really
get to that, sometime or other. What I have come to loving is my Clipboard.
Today I will show and tell you what is on My Clipboard and why I love it.

If you didn't know, we cyber school. I love cyber schooling, but it requires
organization when you have more than one child in the school . In the past I would often
miss good online classes or I'd forget conference calls with Teachers. Not anymore. I
found this form from Holy Experience I am probably using it way differently than she
intended but it has been a great help to me. I use the top section for myself and then
the bottom areas are for each child. I just happen to have 4 at home and the bottom
is divided into 4 sections. I can write in each childs online classes for the week and
any of the special activities. This is always on top. If I read a new activity I write it
at the top of the page for placing into my calendar (which is in my notebook) on Friday
when I have planning time for the following week.

Next I keep each of the childrens planning pages. As we finish subjects
I mark them off. It keeps me on track. You can get those planning pages

The more I thought about it the more I like the weekly plan in view .
I wanted more at a glance pages for myself to stay organized. So I created
this food journal. Here you can mark your water for the week, your exercise goal,
(Mine is 3x per week that is all I can manage right now) , Your special goal ,
a food journal and food reactions if any that you may notice. I have GERD.
So watching what are my trigger foods is important to me.

The second one I created is a planning page for myself. A things to do page.
It is important for me to remember to take care of my study with God, My health,
my home and my family. This page has my bible memory verse for the week,
my daily bible schedule, church prep (sunday school teacher :) Homeschool
prep, home chores, phone calls and one creative project per week as it is good
for my well being. You can find both planning pages in my  file 4 Share.
The file is called This Week.

Not to be out done by photo taking. Sweet pea had me take this.

Warm Blessings,



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