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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Wild West !!

I just loved doing this fun unit on the Wild West. We had a great time.
Planning it was just as fun as doing the lessons I planned. I got so involved
reading about the west that I often forgot to write down what I was doing.

We did a lot of reading from our History of US book but then after
we clicked online to u tube to hear the story of the west.
Below is part 1, 2 and 3.

Part 1 Heartland

Part 2 Heartland

Part 3 Heartland

Then we interviewed and imaginary Cowboy. This is his result.
(note my son is more artistic than a writer but we are working on his writing)
As you can see he created a construction paper cowboy and drew a donkey
to go along with it.

You can grab a blank news template  and other Writing Frames .

Below are some other links we used to do our study.

1. You can take a field trip and visit a Virtual Farmhouse. This wasn't
as well recieved as I thought it would be perhaps because we have so
many farms nearby it wasn't to exciting for my son .

2. Try your hand at Building your own Prairie.  This my son loved. He
enjoys animals and nature so he had a great time showing off his animal
knowledge. If you don't have the animal know you can use their field guide
with a click.

3. We spend some time listening to some Old time western radio shows.
This was a lot of fun. We would listen at differnt times of the day . As we
did chores as we completed art. Its fun to have a story told to you.

4. We spend a good bit of time looking over this website. Legends Of America
We found foods, recipes, poetry, phrases used , stories of outlaw, etc...
Really really recommend this site with your study.

We had a great time visiting the WEST...

Warm Blessings,



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