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Monday, September 17, 2012

Measurement and the 3 Bears...

It's Measuring time here at the Miller home. Spirit and his cheerful measuring
self has gone around the house measuring all that he can see. We measured
things with our feet, we measured items with paper clips, with foam shapes,
with match box cars and finally our ruler. To end things I read Goldilocks
and the three Bears to him . I found this great idea on PBS kids showing
a prek measuring workshop. Spirit is in first grade not Prek
but the idea worked Great With him too.

I presented Spirit with three bears of various sizes. He choose the
bear he was going to create a home for. He choose the smallest one.
We measured the bear and then he had to measure his home to
make sure it was big enough for his bear.

This is his end result. He created a cave of sorts out of a cardboard box.
He found some cut pieces of wood on the porch from daddies bunny project
and he made a porch for his bear. He was really proud of the end piece.
I was proud of him as he did this project himself.

Not to be out done by big brother Sweet Pea created some beautiful
coloring on some extra cardboard .

Warm blessings,



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