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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Literacy Baskets

I just love to read so much. I think I spend 90% of my day memorized in words.
I don't think I could live well without the printed word. I can't even describe the
importance to me. It's like a  hug, a cup of cocoa, a warm blanket or maybe a
nice hot quiett bath. It's that all rolled up in one. Suddenly I am an Amish women
in the middle of Lancaster county , a Pirate on the sailing seas or Ruth from the
bible trying to find her way and falling in love. Its everything. I can't imagine
not being able to read. We read labels in the kitchen, recipes, school assignments,
blogs, facebook, magazines, books, books on my Kindle, my bible, and on and on.
Don't be surprised if you come by and I'm walking around with one in my hand.

My 1st daughter Heart of the 5 was the easiest to teach to read. She just saw things
and knew what they were. She was reading chapter books by Kindergarten. Reading
was an enjoyable thing for her. In her high school days I remember her reading
in her room for hours. Now she is a college student and probably doesn't have
much time for leisure reading . I am sure as a student she reads
massive text every day. It's there the foundation was set and she is off
to a world of words.

My next daughter struggled so with reading. We would
sit for hours struggling over the words. I later learned she had dyslexia.
We worked so hard  to learn to read. The same occurred with my next in
line son. Over time with lots of practice they have been able to enjoy the
printed word. My Princess now is reading huge novels  and poetry
like Edger Allen Poe. It makes me smile when I see her walking with a new
book or when she asks me if she can buy one. Of course I ways say. Superboy
is more interested in comics but he is READING and that is what I care
about most.

So when it became time to begin teaching Spirit I wanted  reading to be
fun. It can be a struggle to sound out those words. It can get frustrating when
it doesn't come easy right away. We as parents know that it will come that it
like anything else takes time and practice. Young ones often want the result
now. I decided to try to find a way to make it fun now. So over the summer
I kept my eyes peeled and created this literacy basket. I have used some
of the items for math as well. Lets take a peek.

Starting from right to left...

1. Light up wands- I bought these at our local Party City. They have different
modes of lighting. It will light different colors and one setting blinks. We save
the blinking for the end. Spirit is to choose a all on setting for his reading time.
We use these as pointers to read text I place on the laptop, on pocket charts,
and books with larger print. These items really help my wiggly son because he
gets to hold something in his hand. As a reward at the end he gets to blink the wand.

2. These animal pointers I bought at Dollar Tree. When you shake them that make
a waaa waaa sound. We use these the same as the light up wands. With the exception
of shaking the wand when we read a passage or word correctly. These are a huge
hit. There are generally two of each because Sweet pea sees and wants too.

3. Next Fly swatters- This find was nabbed at Dollar General. I was shopping one
day and found the shape fly swatters. We use them to slap our sight words. I will
lay out a pile of words. I will say a word such as says and he slaps the word as
soon as he sees it. I have also used it when counting which I'll post later this week
or next.

4 and 5. Wooden Spoons and Magic wands- Same principle as the other pointers.
I like giving him a choice of which tool to use. I probably will add to the basket as
I find ideas when shopping. Once you begin looking ideas just jump at you.

Right to left again...

1. Moustaches- I bought our moustaches at the Dollar tree. I found Spirit loved
these when going on our trip to the beach. Surprisingly they kept him busy for
hours. So I picked up another pack so he can become a reading detective. He
loves imaginative play.

2. Glitter clappers- Bought at party city. We use our clappers for clapping out
word syllables or we clap out the sounds in words. Such as Pet /p/ clap
/a/ clap /t/ clap pet clap

3. Megaphones- These are Spirits favorite . The megaphones make
daddy nuts. Hee hee. We shout out our sentences on our pocket charts,
we shout out sight words, pretty much anything we want shout out. Again
Spirit loves this. I am giving his a license to shout in the house even.
I bought megaphones at party city but later saw them at dollar tree. I'd check
the dollar store first the price is nicer.

4. Clear glass star sunglasses- If we are struggling with a particularly
hard reading passage I might pull out the star glasses. It's just fun
to wear them. Make sure they have clear glass so your child can see the
words clearly. These were bought at party city.

5. Mini slinkys- Dollar tree find. These are used to do our word stretching.
Bug /b/ /u/ /g/  as you pull the slinky apart.

6. Color windows- I got these free as a review product. What is more
fun than changing the color of the text as you read. there are smaller sizes
for smaller words and passages. At this point we enjoy the large page
text windows.

7. Painters tape- Not shown is used to tape sound boxes on the floor.
Child can hop and say each sound of a word. Simple yet effective with
bouncy young children.

Last but not least is the reward. You can choose anything as a reward.
A snack, a sticker or a small toy. I went with Smells. Yes they are ordinary
chapsticks tubes in various flavors. I hope to find some others over the holidays
when this type of items comes in bulk packs. Instead of having these random
rewards cluttering my house we do smells. When a child does well with their lessons.
I rub a chapstick on their hands for them to smell. Even my high schooler likes them.

Do you have any reading tool ideas to share? I'd love to hear
what they are.

Warm Blessings,


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