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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy First day of Autumn.

Autumn... Happy Fall to all of you . Each Season brings its own
Joys.  I look forward to making warm soups and hot chocolate.

I await the leaves to change colors and there is something about the
smells in the air. If you are looking for some Fall fun check out
some of my Autumn Pins, All things Apple and those big orangey
pumpkins . I love wearing the rustic oranges, burgandy reds,
various shades of brown and olive greens.  I thought it might
be fun to look back on some fall blogging too to help get
my creative fall juices going.

Let's start with some apple pies. So easy to create.
 Take a peek at the orginal Apple Pies post. Really simple to do.
Grab a paper plate, paint it brown, add your paper cut apples and cinnamon.
It's that simple and smells wonderful too.

Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at creating a Corn Buddy

Maybe you'd like to bring some fall in... How about some leaves in
a basket for some play time. Leaves in a Basket

Or perhaps you'd like to create some Paper Scarecrows

This will be our first Autumn in our new Home. We have spent so much
time getting it fixed up. It is an old brick farmhouse type of home without the farm.
We live on a little triangular lot right by a highway but the way it's set up it still feels
country to me. I have decorated it country inside and we work on a regular basis to
make home improvements. Little by little it is beginning to feel more like HOME.


Saturday:  Lesson plans, Decorating the inside for autumn,
and heading to a baby shower

Sunday: Church and our kids pancake breakfast, Afternoon at home-
slip in a few planning things and then Youth group mtg. and youth group.

Have a Great weekend.



  1. Just coming over from pinterest! Wow, I LOVE your boards... what a great treasure! Looking forward to seeing what else you pin...

    :-) Leann
    Montessori Tidbits

  2. Thank you Leann. I really enjoyed cataloging it. I don't have as much time to pin as I did over the summer but it will come . :)


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