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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bunny Pens and Thoughts

It's been a few weeks now since my dad had his heart attack. He has
had the best care and is recovering termendously. My dad and mom live
on a small farmette. Dad loves animals and that love of animals has fallen
to my children. Growing up I had various farm animals kittens, dogs,
chickens, ducks, horses, ponys, goats, and sheep. I'd call it a little hobby
farm since we didn't really get much from these little cudldlies. Mostly love.

When dad had his heart attack he was harboring several animals for my children
to love on. At that time he was unable to care for them so we quickly set up to
create some rabbit hutches. Daddy hadn't built them before but with his
wood knowledge and the internet some fabulous hutches were made. The kids
are so excited to have their actual rabbit stay with us. Each morning they
dress and head out to the pens to water and feed them. On occastion they
end up in the house during lessons and sit in their laps.

Each had to get their photo taken with their rabbit.

My thoughts this week are  on our Church family. We had several meetings
to hire a new Youth leader. This could make or break our church as we are
in a difficult place. Getting a wonderful youth leader would pull in the
younger crowd we are lacking at this time. The sunday school group we
have created is so fun and exciting. I enjoy taking my turn to teach. My
hope is for more children to enjoy what we are doing because we have created
such an amazing program. Since our youth numbers are lower I am taking
my teen daughter Princess  to another we call them "mega church"
many of her homeschool friends attend and so she wants to too. I will
post some photos tomorrow of our Special pancake breakfast we had for
the kids last Sunday.

In other news ... It is possible that Daddy may finally have found work. He
is to take a tour of the factory on Thursday and the decision will be made then.
Unemployment runs out in November so I am praying that this is it. As October
looms closer I realize it has been going on 3 years now since he had heart failure
and was diagnosed with diabetes. It has been a long road to recovery and
much struggle for work with so many restrictions. Praying hard this is the answers
to our prayers but if not God knows our plan and will lead us.

Last week Heart had her first car break down. She called rather upset but
we talked and she calmed down as her dad came for her. Her car is up
and running now. I am so proud of her accompishments and her hard work
in college. I know she will make a great math teacher one day.

Warm Blessings,



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