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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

Well  Folks... We are Back to school!!!! Can you hear the hurrays and hur---aaaahsss.
coming from the children. Ok maybe not so many hur--- ahhhss. Probably some
grrrrs in there to from the boy with the folded arms. Doesn't he just yell out. I'm
smiling but Don't think I'm going to like it. I can promise that he is sure he won't.

Last week was our first full week of school. I was so excited for it to start... ohhh
all those school supplies. I love planning more than implementing. No thats not true.
I love implementing when they smile nice and big. When I know they are enjoying
all the work I put into it. It's when you hear those grrrs that you are a tad disappointed.
In who or what I'm not sure you just are sad. All that work and time from family for
a not so great experience but I keep going and trying. It is soo worth those
moments just to grab those more than great Yeahhhssss.!!!!

Update: My dad is doing much better from his heart attack. He is back to
most of his regular activity now and can drive a car. He still has regular
therapy I believe twice per week.

Another uhhh ohhh: Friday mom was taken to the hospital with some
stomach issues. I think much of it was stress. The Dr. says this is a common
occurrence with couples when something traumatic occurs such as this.
Mom is home and doing just fine. They did all sorts of tests so we know
she is good and healthy.

Don't those two little ones look like they are hopping the school bus.
Well I bet they'd like a bus ride but our school is right here at home.
Pap (my dad) bought Sweet pea her little back pack. So she could
drag things to his house. Papaw brought Spirit his bag filled with school
loveliness. Love school supplies. Something about the smell or the feel
I have no idea why I have a love of office supplies. He brought things
for the olders too and bubbles for sweet pea... Oh her love of bubbles.
That is a story for another day.

Here is my first victim... urrr aahh student. She is an over emotional,
highly energetic and forming her independence 3 year old. Just turned 3.
This year we will be potty training which has become a I'll do on my own
time sort of thing. This gal is soo high maintenance. Till I get her through her
routine for the bathroom it's about time to go again. Don't accidentally add
anything because it will be ingrained in her next experience. I'll spare you the
potty talk but an example... Washing of the hair. First we have to fold a
wash cloth nice and neat and apply it to the forehead. You know so water
does not go into the eyes because if  it does we will be upset and not want our hair
washed. Next we apply water to the hair. Then we have to smell the
soap because once upon a time I bought a new kind. Now we smell it every time
and then have to wash with it. I mean have a little dab in her hand and wash her
hands. Ever hear of such a thing. Hand washing before hair washing. I guess
we don't want to get anything dirty in our hair before we wash it.
I always like to make sure all the soap is off her hands before washing
her hair because of rubbing the eyes. Then and only then can we wash
the hair and on it goes..... You get the idea.

This year for Sweet pea ....
This young lady will learn all about her body, Learn her colors,
her shapes, learn all about animals and  their homes. We will learn about
Jesus and his birth and  bible stories. Many other fun things. We will do
only a few minutes per day since my little angel likes free play more than anything.
We will do a story time, some songs and an organized activity. No more maybe less
if it doesn't work out for her. Until I see her interest grow because as of now she
is not ready. I want this time for her to be fun Mommy and me time . Nothing
to structured. Just be....

This is my Big 1st grader this year, energetic, moving, happy, giggly
silly boy. Did I mention moving and wiggly. Spirit will be using PA
Virtual for his studies as will all my student except sweet pea. I am proud to announce that
he took some testing and already is in a Grade one level and proficient in some
areas. Right on target...Ohh the things we will accomplish this year.

Math- Counting to 100, count by 5, 10, and 2s
Adding and subtracting skills

Language 1

Phonics- Advance

History - Ancient empires, Greece, India, and China

Science- Being a scientist, weather, animals, oceans animals,
habitats, green world and hour bodies

Art and Music

It is going to be a great fun year.

ANNNDDDD Nooooowwwww my artistic , hilariously funny, creative
but doesn't like anything to do with writing 6th grade son. This is the one.
This is the child I struggle to have enjoy school. Nothing. I mean nothing
I do is ever fun unless it is art.....

Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra- we are already on chapter 4.
Math comes easily.

Language 6

Barton reading a spelling

Earth Science

American History- History of us. Cowboys to the 21st century

Current events

Art- Mondays art with Mom, Sketchbook Tuesday
and 2 other assignments per week. This is his biggest desire so I
will encourage it. Art everyday.

Music appreciation.

Introducing my high school princess....

First semester
Alg. Fundamentals 3
Spanish cultures
General English
Finding your path college prep

Second semesterGeometry
Earth Science
US History

We decided since we weren't going anywhere with our backpacks on other than back in
the house that it would be funny to take a picture of us going in with our back packs.
So up the stairs we went.

We are sooo cool to HomeSchool!!!

First day activities:

Had a big breakfast of bacon and eggs

Did a scavenger hunt to find our supplies. New house new
organization. I wanted the kids to be able to find everything.

Made book marks for our books. I honestly have no idea
what they did with them. I have my creations but have no clue
where the boys book markers went to. Maybe maybe Maybe
I'll find it in a book.

and attended first day Blackboard collaborate sessions.

Welcome back to School.

Warm blessings,



  1. What do you use for the Finding Your Path College Prep? My daughter is in 8th and she pretty much thinks she knows what she wants but I want her to be sure.

  2. Hello, I just take a peek and I discovered your blog. I find it nice and cool. The kids looks cute and adorable. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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