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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trust in the Lord with all of Your Heart !!

"Trust in the Lord with all of Your heart Lean not on your own
understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him. He will make
Your path straight."

This was a bible verse that was near to my heart. I recited it in times of trial
and in good times. At one point I even had it on my blog header for awhile.
It means so much to me because I know God is with me. In the last year or
so I have adopted new verses. Last week this verse kept coming to me again.
It came to me on facebook at other times and in my thoughts.

And then again when it really mattered...

It all started on Monday with a phone call from my daughter.
She had gone with my mom and dad to take a big test for college. She
said that her Pap (my dad) had gotten sick there and they were taking
him to urgent care. Could I meet them with a change of clothes.
He was vomitting and had cold sweats.

I want and Dad didn't look so well at all. The Dr. thought he was just
dehydrated and said they would send him to the hospital for fluids. That he
should be find once he has that. Dad said he felt like he was going to pass out.
So mom suggest the ambulance. God was leading here all along. I am so glad
we didn't take him like the Dr. suggested.

When the ambulance got there the EMT started doing an EKG.
I think he knew right away. This man would soon save my fathers life.
We followed the ambulance. While we were following dad tells us
they began to work on him right away. That the pressure and pain began
he was having a heart attack. As they reached the hospital many hands reached
out to care for him. Including Gods.

Mom , Heart and I found out when we came in that he had a heart attack.
Mom was shocked but I was sort of guessing this in my head. I'm soo sorry
I was right. We saw dad briefly but he wasn't conscious. He says he heard us
and felt moms kiss on his cheek . He was wisked away for a stint to be placed in the
front major artery of his heart.

 We were metby the hospital Chaplin. She said in our situation the Chaplin was
always called. We spoke of good times trying to keep our minds off things and
then she prayed. She prayed for each vessel as I wept silently as I could. Then
It happened in her prayer she said "Trust in the Lord with all of your Heart
Lean not on your own understanding in all ways acknowledge Him. He will
make your path straight. " I felt a sense of peace right then and quieted. I
knew in my heart he would be ok. God just spoke to me.

He had a major heart attack but is recovering well. I spent the week
at the hospital with mom. I took care of their errands and prepared the
house for their arrival. I shudder to think how worse it could have been.
He had had pain in his arm for 2-3 months which he thought was from
an injury at work. He has no pain now. It was his heart all along.
To think we had just gone on vacation the previous week. God had
has hand on Him.

My dad has been emotional . God was with him and he had a miraculous
experience with Him that I don't feel I can share because its his story.
However just know GOD is there and is REAL.

I never had any doubt.

I will be back on a regular schedule soon. My school boxes arrived the
day he was released. I had forgotten about all of that.

God is so Good all of the Time.

Warm blessings.


  1. Nikki, I am so glad that your dad is much better now. I love how God is with each of us in different ways, showing Himself in the big things in our lives. Thank You Father for having Your hand on Nikki's dad and her family during this time.


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