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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To Homeschool To do List...

Sooo.... I have been relaxing most of this summer. I had school plans in
my head but have not gotten to most of them. I even started doing a
few preparations for our planned first day. For awhile I only thought of
our vacation. Now that we are home I look upon my calendar as
I flip to August and I think OOOHHH Nooo I only have 3 weeks to plan.
Now three weeks might sound like a lot of time and perhaps it is but
I like to get a lot of my home prep done . During the school
year I don't have much time for home improvements or deep cleaning.
Which I typically do in the summer months. However this year with
moving in December and having to do it fast. I feel like I have a big
mess to take care of and don't know where to start. Basically
things are away but they just don't feel like home yet. It's just not
quite right.

I am an organized person but only if I put it on paper. I have no idea why
but if its written it must be done. I better buckle down and get busy.
You will see a mix mash of things listed. Including a few
things I wanted to complete home wise this summer. There are a
lot of projects to do here so I decided to just pick a few or I may
feel overwhelmed.  My plan is to tackle school first and then get
the the house in between. I want to make sure that is prepared first.

School To do list :

1. Create Calendar notebook

2. Put together 2 mini word walls in file folders

3. Put together the start of a history binder for Spirit and Superboy

4. Work folder for Superboy for his day to day workings a place
for him to be organized because he is not

5. Organize my clipboard- This houses are daily lesson plans for
the week and any other things that are important for me to do. I like
it better than the three ring binder. Although I have one I just move
current things to the clipboard.

6. Reading and writing notebook for Spirit (Superboy has one)
Want to add fluency in Spirits

7. Create my literacy bags- I have a lot of games laying around but
want to solidify them and place them in one area for working.

8. Create a few music games

9. Math journals for Spirit and Superboy

10. Planned activities for Toddler time for Sweet Pea

11. Readers tool box for my beginner reader

12. Spelling plan for Superboy and Princess

13. Addition flash cards for Spirit

14. Handwriting fairy activities and copywork needs printed

15. Glue pom poms on back of dry erase and ribbons in the backs
of workbooks for book markers.

Home To do:

1. Deep cleaning of the house- The plan is to do one room a day.
Including windows.

2. Paint the stairway hall- Want to make this a display area for the
children's art work.

3. Pull some weeds in the flower beds before  autumn comes.
They are a bit unruly.

4. Organize the school items that are in storage so I can find them.
Label for easy access.  ( I have a feeling this wont get done but one
can wish)

5. Potty Train Sweet Pea.

What things do you want to accomplish before
the end of summer?

Warm Blessings,



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