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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trust in the Lord with all of Your Heart !!

"Trust in the Lord with all of Your heart Lean not on your own
understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him. He will make
Your path straight."

This was a bible verse that was near to my heart. I recited it in times of trial
and in good times. At one point I even had it on my blog header for awhile.
It means so much to me because I know God is with me. In the last year or
so I have adopted new verses. Last week this verse kept coming to me again.
It came to me on facebook at other times and in my thoughts.

And then again when it really mattered...

It all started on Monday with a phone call from my daughter.
She had gone with my mom and dad to take a big test for college. She
said that her Pap (my dad) had gotten sick there and they were taking
him to urgent care. Could I meet them with a change of clothes.
He was vomitting and had cold sweats.

I want and Dad didn't look so well at all. The Dr. thought he was just
dehydrated and said they would send him to the hospital for fluids. That he
should be find once he has that. Dad said he felt like he was going to pass out.
So mom suggest the ambulance. God was leading here all along. I am so glad
we didn't take him like the Dr. suggested.

When the ambulance got there the EMT started doing an EKG.
I think he knew right away. This man would soon save my fathers life.
We followed the ambulance. While we were following dad tells us
they began to work on him right away. That the pressure and pain began
he was having a heart attack. As they reached the hospital many hands reached
out to care for him. Including Gods.

Mom , Heart and I found out when we came in that he had a heart attack.
Mom was shocked but I was sort of guessing this in my head. I'm soo sorry
I was right. We saw dad briefly but he wasn't conscious. He says he heard us
and felt moms kiss on his cheek . He was wisked away for a stint to be placed in the
front major artery of his heart.

 We were metby the hospital Chaplin. She said in our situation the Chaplin was
always called. We spoke of good times trying to keep our minds off things and
then she prayed. She prayed for each vessel as I wept silently as I could. Then
It happened in her prayer she said "Trust in the Lord with all of your Heart
Lean not on your own understanding in all ways acknowledge Him. He will
make your path straight. " I felt a sense of peace right then and quieted. I
knew in my heart he would be ok. God just spoke to me.

He had a major heart attack but is recovering well. I spent the week
at the hospital with mom. I took care of their errands and prepared the
house for their arrival. I shudder to think how worse it could have been.
He had had pain in his arm for 2-3 months which he thought was from
an injury at work. He has no pain now. It was his heart all along.
To think we had just gone on vacation the previous week. God had
has hand on Him.

My dad has been emotional . God was with him and he had a miraculous
experience with Him that I don't feel I can share because its his story.
However just know GOD is there and is REAL.

I never had any doubt.

I will be back on a regular schedule soon. My school boxes arrived the
day he was released. I had forgotten about all of that.

God is so Good all of the Time.

Warm blessings.
Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To Homeschool To do List...

Sooo.... I have been relaxing most of this summer. I had school plans in
my head but have not gotten to most of them. I even started doing a
few preparations for our planned first day. For awhile I only thought of
our vacation. Now that we are home I look upon my calendar as
I flip to August and I think OOOHHH Nooo I only have 3 weeks to plan.
Now three weeks might sound like a lot of time and perhaps it is but
I like to get a lot of my home prep done . During the school
year I don't have much time for home improvements or deep cleaning.
Which I typically do in the summer months. However this year with
moving in December and having to do it fast. I feel like I have a big
mess to take care of and don't know where to start. Basically
things are away but they just don't feel like home yet. It's just not
quite right.

I am an organized person but only if I put it on paper. I have no idea why
but if its written it must be done. I better buckle down and get busy.
You will see a mix mash of things listed. Including a few
things I wanted to complete home wise this summer. There are a
lot of projects to do here so I decided to just pick a few or I may
feel overwhelmed.  My plan is to tackle school first and then get
the the house in between. I want to make sure that is prepared first.

School To do list :

1. Create Calendar notebook

2. Put together 2 mini word walls in file folders

3. Put together the start of a history binder for Spirit and Superboy

4. Work folder for Superboy for his day to day workings a place
for him to be organized because he is not

5. Organize my clipboard- This houses are daily lesson plans for
the week and any other things that are important for me to do. I like
it better than the three ring binder. Although I have one I just move
current things to the clipboard.

6. Reading and writing notebook for Spirit (Superboy has one)
Want to add fluency in Spirits

7. Create my literacy bags- I have a lot of games laying around but
want to solidify them and place them in one area for working.

8. Create a few music games

9. Math journals for Spirit and Superboy

10. Planned activities for Toddler time for Sweet Pea

11. Readers tool box for my beginner reader

12. Spelling plan for Superboy and Princess

13. Addition flash cards for Spirit

14. Handwriting fairy activities and copywork needs printed

15. Glue pom poms on back of dry erase and ribbons in the backs
of workbooks for book markers.

Home To do:

1. Deep cleaning of the house- The plan is to do one room a day.
Including windows.

2. Paint the stairway hall- Want to make this a display area for the
children's art work.

3. Pull some weeds in the flower beds before  autumn comes.
They are a bit unruly.

4. Organize the school items that are in storage so I can find them.
Label for easy access.  ( I have a feeling this wont get done but one
can wish)

5. Potty Train Sweet Pea.

What things do you want to accomplish before
the end of summer?

Warm Blessings,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Beach Trip 2012

Hi. I'm back! We spent the week at Ocean City Maryland and had an
absolute blast. Much needed time away . I came back home feeling more
relaxed and I'm feeling more able to handle the trials and joys of day to day life.
I spent a lot of time praying on this trip. Praying on the long ride while the
children watched a video and my dad drove. I prayed while the kids played
by the oceans edge as I sat and watched them play. I prayed in silence in my
room and I prayed overlooking the bay view. I prayed when it was sunny and
cloudy. I was able to reconnect with God and realized how easy it was to do.
The hustle and bustle of life can not limit me any longer.

I just won't allow it to overwhelm me. I will remember this trip for a long time.
It's been a awhile since I was able to relax.  For the last two years there
has been a constant tension in my heart. I have left it go. Finally I have
released myself. It was me holding it all along.

The drive there was rather relaxing. Until we figured out that Sweet Pea
gets car sick on long trips. If you can imagine a packed Cracker Barrel
restaurant. We were all seated around a large table. Me , the four kids,
Heart and her boyfriend, Mom and Dad. Sweet Pea begins to vomit
as I calmly talk to my dad about getting us more napkins. After 5 children
this is not new. I have had more vomit horror stories. I felt vaguely sorry
for the people seated near us, but what can you do. On the way home
she had a similar experience after eating Breakfast at Dennys. Lucky
for the Denny's staff it occurred in our car. Not to bad for us as we
were prepared and used the kids sand toy bucket. Great $1 store buy.
I may buy another bucket for the kids toys and keep that one for such

(This was our view from our room. I hated to leave it. )

This was Sweet Peas second time at the beach but she was a baby
last time. I thought she'd be hesitant about the waves. She was not.
She was much braver than I thought she'd be. I spent my first day chasing
her around making sure she didn't over step her bounds. She learned after that
what was safe but mostly she found the sand and dug and dug and dug.

Spirit and Sweet Pea pose for photos before playing and again below.

Princess and Superboy I barely got photos of them . They would swim father out.
They weren't able to go to far as there were terrible riptides. I read scary stories
of families not swimming when the lifeguards were present and even then its not a
guarantee you will be safe. These two had a great time. One day Superboy
found a friend and that day we spent extra time at the beach.

The tides were so rough that the goggles on Superboys face in this photo were
Riped from his head to never be seen again. We later bought new ones on
the board walk.

See the little cut on Sweet Peas chin, as we were getting accustomed
to  our room she fell and hit her chin on the coffee table.
Poor gal cried a bit but soon it was forgotten. Easy to be forgotten
when you have so much fun going on around you.

We all just played, ate and slept whenever we felt like it. One such evening the
little ones and I napped and the olders ran around. When they came back
they wanted to sleep and the littles were ready to go so I took them out to
the boardwalk alone. We found some play equipment on the sand and they
worked out some energy. Sweet pea in this photo was a little cold. After
we put on a sweater.

This is my favorite of Spirit. I wish it had come out better. It was night
and I was using a different setting on my camera. It looks as
If it is day. After playing we walked 10 blocks down the boardwalk shopping
and enjoying the coastal breeze.

We not only visited the beach but it's a tradition to visit Frontier Town.
The older kids sort of groaned about going so I took Spirit for his
second time there. It is fast becoming his favorite place.

View of one side of town.

The staff at Frontier town are dressed in cowboy attire and provide many different shows
for the children. After opening flag ceremony the kids are sworn in as deputies.
Spirit is in blue with his sticky mustache on.

After which time everyone is to be clean shaven for the activities to come.
Spirit in the chair.

I always find the Native American show to be the most interesting for me. Here they
are preforming a drumming chant. I barely know my biological father but was told
that his mother said that they are from a Native American decent. I wish I knew
where or what group. I am always wondering where I"m from. This intrigues me even
more. Perhaps one day I'll know.

My little desperate Dan visiting the jail house.

We also had some lunch in the saloon and watched the can can show.
Of course we couldn't leave without a new gun and cowboy hat.
Gun to be used later in civil war studies. :)

Here is a photo of Sweet pea with her doll in matching clothing. We
decided to one night to eat out and dress the kids up for fun.
We ate at Jonah and the whale . I must say it was amazing. Yummm.

It was a fun trip. I am glad to be home and am starting to get excited about
the upcoming school year. I have a lot rolling around in my head that I want
to get on here to help me visualize more what I want. Soon to be several
school posts. Before I go a few bay side shots of the kids.

Spirit and Sweet pea

Superboy and Spirit



My four. I wish Heart was in it too. She came for one day and left because of work.
That day went so fast I never got photos. Perhaps future visits.

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am and can reconnect with
your family.

Warm Blessings,


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