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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kiddie Pool Games

Ok, all of aren't blessed to be able to sit pool side in their own back yard Or
even be able to afford visiting the local pool on a daily basis but the kids
need to keep cool . Here are a few games/ play  ideas to use in a basic swimming pool.

1. Find the Penny- Have the children close their eyes no peeking and
dump a few pennies in the bottom of the pool. On go see who can find the
most with their eyes closed.

2. Add some boats and action figures for the boys. Hours of fun.
Just like bath time but out doors and with clothes.

3. Swimming pool firedrills. Did you ever play this game as a teenager in
your car. Where you would stop at a stop sign and everyone gets out,
Runs around the car and then gets back in. Same idea. Blow a whistle
everyone runs around the pool and gets back in. (Carefully)

Worried about grass in the pool. Use a watering can like princess below
to fill a tub with water. Then they can wash their feel before jumping in.

Last one ins a rotten egg.

4. Hola hoop water tag- Lay out a few hula hoops in the yard.
One person is it. The it person stands outside of the pool and the hula hoops.
Each child that isn't it stands in a hula hoop. On word you run to another
hoop. If tagged you are in the pool till everyone is caught. You can choose
a word for each child seperately to be called and a group word to get everyone
running. I wouldn't recommend using the pool as a base like the hula because
of someone slipping. This is the wait spot and a place to cool off.

5. Fill the pool with something fun such as small beach balls,
balloons, cut up pool noodles, Pool sponge, soap for bubbles and in the evening
add light sticks. Provide outside containers for moving them about.

We added these long balloons I found at our local dollar general. Dad filled them
with water. They reminded me of those balloons that slide out of your hand when
you hold them. Forget what they are called. It became a fun tactile experience moving
The water inside the balloon and trying to hold onto them. Below they were pretending
To catch a snake.

If I think of more as the summer goes I will add them here.
If you have any Kiddie pool ideas let us know.

Warm blessings,



  1. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging! Fill in Pool

  2. Thank you Kiruthi Ka. Its hard to keep up over the summer months. :)


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