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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Late Fourth of JULY

We headed out for the fourth of July to Caladonia. My brother came
from North Carolina to visit. They decided to camp out so that is why
we went again. We may go one more time this year. I love the mountains.
Thought I'd share some of Princess photos today. She is really good with
the camera. I may have to get her a better one. Hmm note to self
Christmas gift perhaps.

Princess in the car on the way. How do kids take their own photos anyway?
I can never do that. I had the kids giggling one day when I tried. I always got
half of my head and they never NEVER looked like the one above.

Sweet pea getting ready to eat.

Spirit in the creek We didn't play there long. This time we went to the pool.
The pool was packed. I didn't take the camera in there but we had a great time
and got a little sun burnt as well. Me maybe to much. I was busy slathering it on
the the kids and forgot to finish myself. Ouch. It is finally today starting to subside.

Whenever go to the creek the boys always go right to building some
sort of rock pool area.

Sweet pea was upset because I didn't bring her bucket and shovel for digging.
She didn't know we were going to the pool.

Superboy checking things out before digging.

Sweet Pea wading in. She has another adorable pink swim suit but I was
afraid the creek would ruin it for good. Saving that one for the OC.

Great picture of Sweet pea and Princess

We had a fun time picnicing, playing in the creek and swimming we were
all tuckered out afterwards.  My oldest daughter Heart is headed out to
 Florida. She has arrived safely and is sending lots of pictures.
I can hardly believe at times that she is old enough to live on her own
much less travel so far from home. I know she is having a blast.

Hope you had a happy Fourth. If you are looking for some inspiring
patriotic activities/crafts to do with your kids check out my USA pinboard
with over 150 posts.

Sad to say we didn't get to a one of them but we have more American
holidays and there is always next year.

Warm Blessings,


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