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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Walks

Bright and early one morning we woke the kids. They were not to happy at
first. We fed them and headed out to our local state park for a 1.5 mile hike.
With age comes health issues at least for us. Both Carl and I need the
activity on a regular basis. We have struggled to put it in. This early am we
made the trek and I think all enjoyed it. (Long before the heat came)

 I couldn't help but snap this shot. As we began our journey.

Everyone is always ahead of me.

Notice Superboy with his note paper. I told him he didn't need it that we were walking
but he insisted it come along. I guess he thought he'd have time to draw somewhere
along the way. He did not at anytime use it. Perhaps next time we will take nature journals.

Daddy and Sweet pea enjoying the lake view.

Sweet pea walked almost the entire 1. 5 miles. We didn't expect her too.
We probably carried her the .5 miles. Everyone but Spirit took a turn.

The kids found this great bendy tree. They had to have a photo with it.

Daddy had to demonstrate if it was strudy or not. He even lifted his feet.
Love this looks so funny.

Up in the trees view. When I was a little baby my mom said Grandma Roser used to
rock me . She said I'd watch the trees to calm me. I laughed when she said that
because I still do it. I'll look up in the trees and watch them sway. Or out my bedroom
window. I have always been lucky enough to have one right there. Very calming.

Can you see the turtles. The park puts skids out for them to sun bath on.
The kids loved this. When we were on the other side of the lake they weren't on
but by the time we rounded the bend there they were.

Princess on one of the bridges. There were bridges all around and the kids
loved them. Some seemed less sturdy we sent dad first.

One more of sweet pea. She had to have a bridge pic too.

Its summer. Get your family out and walking. Get yourself out and moving.
We often sit in our air conditioning when it gets hot and haul up inside. Don't
let the heat beat you .

Warm blessings,



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