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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It has been so long since I have played this game. I remember
my brother and I setting this up and playing it with the neighbor kids.
I'm not sure if kids play this game anymore but that didn't bother us.
We pulled out an old from my dads barn. I often see these at yards
sales for basically nothing. Next time you see one grab a set it was
loads of fun. I'm sure we will play another day.

Our yard isn't as large as the suggested size of the playing area but the kids
didn't mind or notice. I'm not going to even attemp to explain how its played.
I will send you here. You fill find everything
you need to know about how to play the game.

Over the years I think we have made modified versions of the game.
We are playing it as a family so what ever you come up with will be fun.
It might even be fun at the end to let the kids make up how they think
it should be played.

We had to teach the little ones how to swing the mallet.
Once they figured that out it was easy sailing.

A little strategy, a little exercise and little sunshine makes for a nice
afternoon. We  played in the evening hours when it began to cool off some.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kiddie Pool Games

Ok, all of aren't blessed to be able to sit pool side in their own back yard Or
even be able to afford visiting the local pool on a daily basis but the kids
need to keep cool . Here are a few games/ play  ideas to use in a basic swimming pool.

1. Find the Penny- Have the children close their eyes no peeking and
dump a few pennies in the bottom of the pool. On go see who can find the
most with their eyes closed.

2. Add some boats and action figures for the boys. Hours of fun.
Just like bath time but out doors and with clothes.

3. Swimming pool firedrills. Did you ever play this game as a teenager in
your car. Where you would stop at a stop sign and everyone gets out,
Runs around the car and then gets back in. Same idea. Blow a whistle
everyone runs around the pool and gets back in. (Carefully)

Worried about grass in the pool. Use a watering can like princess below
to fill a tub with water. Then they can wash their feel before jumping in.

Last one ins a rotten egg.

4. Hola hoop water tag- Lay out a few hula hoops in the yard.
One person is it. The it person stands outside of the pool and the hula hoops.
Each child that isn't it stands in a hula hoop. On word you run to another
hoop. If tagged you are in the pool till everyone is caught. You can choose
a word for each child seperately to be called and a group word to get everyone
running. I wouldn't recommend using the pool as a base like the hula because
of someone slipping. This is the wait spot and a place to cool off.

5. Fill the pool with something fun such as small beach balls,
balloons, cut up pool noodles, Pool sponge, soap for bubbles and in the evening
add light sticks. Provide outside containers for moving them about.

We added these long balloons I found at our local dollar general. Dad filled them
with water. They reminded me of those balloons that slide out of your hand when
you hold them. Forget what they are called. It became a fun tactile experience moving
The water inside the balloon and trying to hold onto them. Below they were pretending
To catch a snake.

If I think of more as the summer goes I will add them here.
If you have any Kiddie pool ideas let us know.

Warm blessings,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Late Fourth of JULY

We headed out for the fourth of July to Caladonia. My brother came
from North Carolina to visit. They decided to camp out so that is why
we went again. We may go one more time this year. I love the mountains.
Thought I'd share some of Princess photos today. She is really good with
the camera. I may have to get her a better one. Hmm note to self
Christmas gift perhaps.

Princess in the car on the way. How do kids take their own photos anyway?
I can never do that. I had the kids giggling one day when I tried. I always got
half of my head and they never NEVER looked like the one above.

Sweet pea getting ready to eat.

Spirit in the creek We didn't play there long. This time we went to the pool.
The pool was packed. I didn't take the camera in there but we had a great time
and got a little sun burnt as well. Me maybe to much. I was busy slathering it on
the the kids and forgot to finish myself. Ouch. It is finally today starting to subside.

Whenever go to the creek the boys always go right to building some
sort of rock pool area.

Sweet pea was upset because I didn't bring her bucket and shovel for digging.
She didn't know we were going to the pool.

Superboy checking things out before digging.

Sweet Pea wading in. She has another adorable pink swim suit but I was
afraid the creek would ruin it for good. Saving that one for the OC.

Great picture of Sweet pea and Princess

We had a fun time picnicing, playing in the creek and swimming we were
all tuckered out afterwards.  My oldest daughter Heart is headed out to
 Florida. She has arrived safely and is sending lots of pictures.
I can hardly believe at times that she is old enough to live on her own
much less travel so far from home. I know she is having a blast.

Hope you had a happy Fourth. If you are looking for some inspiring
patriotic activities/crafts to do with your kids check out my USA pinboard
with over 150 posts.

Sad to say we didn't get to a one of them but we have more American
holidays and there is always next year.

Warm Blessings,
Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Walks

Bright and early one morning we woke the kids. They were not to happy at
first. We fed them and headed out to our local state park for a 1.5 mile hike.
With age comes health issues at least for us. Both Carl and I need the
activity on a regular basis. We have struggled to put it in. This early am we
made the trek and I think all enjoyed it. (Long before the heat came)

 I couldn't help but snap this shot. As we began our journey.

Everyone is always ahead of me.

Notice Superboy with his note paper. I told him he didn't need it that we were walking
but he insisted it come along. I guess he thought he'd have time to draw somewhere
along the way. He did not at anytime use it. Perhaps next time we will take nature journals.

Daddy and Sweet pea enjoying the lake view.

Sweet pea walked almost the entire 1. 5 miles. We didn't expect her too.
We probably carried her the .5 miles. Everyone but Spirit took a turn.

The kids found this great bendy tree. They had to have a photo with it.

Daddy had to demonstrate if it was strudy or not. He even lifted his feet.
Love this looks so funny.

Up in the trees view. When I was a little baby my mom said Grandma Roser used to
rock me . She said I'd watch the trees to calm me. I laughed when she said that
because I still do it. I'll look up in the trees and watch them sway. Or out my bedroom
window. I have always been lucky enough to have one right there. Very calming.

Can you see the turtles. The park puts skids out for them to sun bath on.
The kids loved this. When we were on the other side of the lake they weren't on
but by the time we rounded the bend there they were.

Princess on one of the bridges. There were bridges all around and the kids
loved them. Some seemed less sturdy we sent dad first.

One more of sweet pea. She had to have a bridge pic too.

Its summer. Get your family out and walking. Get yourself out and moving.
We often sit in our air conditioning when it gets hot and haul up inside. Don't
let the heat beat you .

Warm blessings,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Proverbs Wisdom

Reading the Bible Proverbs
(Decided to switch to new International. Like it even better. )
Proverbs 2

Good Things Come From Wisdom

1 My son, accept my words.

Store up my commands inside you.

2 Let your ears listen to wisdom.

Apply your heart to understanding.

3 Call out for the ability to be wise.

Cry out for understanding.

4 Look for it as you would look for silver.

Search for it as you would search for hidden treasure.

5 Then you will understand how to have respect for the Lord.

You will find out how to know God.

6 The Lord gives wisdom.

Knowledge and understanding come from his mouth.

7 He stores up success for honest people.

He is like a shield to those who live without blame. He keeps them safe.

8 He guards the path of those who are honest.

He watches over the way of his faithful ones.

9 You will understand what is right and honest and fair.

You will understand the right way to live.

10 Your heart will become wise.

Your mind will delight in knowledge.

11 Good sense will keep you safe.

Understanding will guard you.

12 Wisdom will save you from the ways of evil men.

It will save you from men who twist their words.

13 Men like that leave the straight paths

to walk in dark ways.

14 They take delight in doing what is wrong.

They take joy in twisting everything around.

15 Their paths are crooked.

Their ways are not straight.

16 Wisdom will save you from a woman who commits adultery.

It will save you from a sinful wife and her tempting words.

17 She leaves the man she married when she was young.

She breaks the promise she made to her God.

18 Her house leads down to death.

Her paths lead to the spirits of the dead.

19 No one who goes to her comes back

or reaches the paths of life.

20 You will walk in the ways of good people.

You will follow the paths of those who do right.

21 Honest people will live in the land.

Those who are without blame will remain in it.

22 But sinners will be cut off from the land.

Those who aren't faithful will be torn away from it.

My thoughts: Wisdom is knowing what is right and good.
It is learning all that we can soaking in the knowledge of God and
applying it to our lives. All knowledge so we can choose the right
path. Not being to covered that we are foolish in our choices because
we are naive to the sin. Having the right amount of information to make
the right choices. As a parent giving the right information and trying to model
it. If mistakes are made talking about them so that the child does not
follow the path of the parent. The parent that can now lead them in the right
path because of changes they have made in their life. (Changes God has made)
 Wisdom is knowing God. Reading Gods word and listening for him.
It is learning everyday and  holding Gods creation in your hands in a loving
way. Breathing in Creation and Gods word. Breathing in his thoughts
and knowing what he has laid out before you. Praying and
asking for more. Always seeking more knowledge to
be applied and used for Good. Lord Give me more.

Warm Blessings,


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