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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Time Prep

I could barely stand it one minute longer. First thing I did over the weekend was clean
out our School closet. Things have sure changed over the last few years. We started
school in a tiny kitchen and we were cramped. As our family grew our space changed
and grew . We moved into another home with a little classroom. That room was filled
to the brim with goodies. Probably to full looking back. Now we are back in the kitchen
and our large stash is up in the playroom. I just like having school in our living space
as opposed to trying to recreate public school. I began by emptying all the things we
were no longer using . They are sitting out on Sweet peas little table for now till
I get to the piles. Job for later this week. This is what I came up with so far. It's
a work in progress. Everything has it's place now. Take a peek...

Bottom shelf was cut off so here is that...

I came up with this idea one day by necessity. A place to hang and dry our art.
 This side isn't complete yet. I have high hopes for the insides of the
doors. This will come in the future.

I was trying to think of a way to house their science activity and have them on
hand. I will hand hooks to the Right side of the cabinet with canvas bags.
That way I can prepare and activity for each age group and hide it in the bag.
Everything will be in its place for the experiment and easy to find when we
want to work on the project.

Princess has her books and things organized in her room. Since that's where
she likes to do most of her lessons. We placed a low shelf at the end of her bed
just for these things. She likes having her own space.

Sweet peas things will go in a basket each day in her play area. I hope
For her to have a few play things in there to keep her busy while we
are doing or lessons.

If you have some school prep to share. Leave a message and your link.
Look for more school prep each week. I plan to tackle one a week.

Warm Blessings,


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