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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer T-shirt Art Day

Over the winter months I watched the crafting store ads for
somethings I could throw in this summer. One such day was T-shirts
for $2.50 each. I bought a bunch for the kids to decorate and some
for Dad for work. This is some of the results of our T-shirt day.
Each had 3 shirts per kids. Not all are shown.

I had fabric markers, Fabric spray paint and acrylic paints which I watered
down a little bit so they wouldn't get so stiff.

This is Sweet peas creation done pretty much on her own.  She was so
proud of herself . When they dried she wore this one around the house.
I had to make her take it off to wash it.

This one I had a lace doily from Spring shaped like a tulip. We tried
laying it on the T-shirt. I think it would have worked just fine
if Sweet pea hadn't gotten so excited with the blue at the bottom.
It is personalized just for her the way she likes it and that is all that matters.

Spirit drew some rocking Guitar people.

Then did some spray paints and splats.

Princess made her own stencils.

And Superboy made this shark shirt . He also made a dragon and a mickey mouse.

It was a day of painting that lasted much of the day. I'd do it again
In a heartbeat.

Warm blessings,



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