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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Reading Free books Online

One of my favorite things to do over the summer months is delve into a
good book. It is a special time for me as a mom to sit down and take some
time to relax. I was blessed this year with a Kindle reader by my mom for
Christmas. (Thanks again so much mom) During this time of reading often the
children grab a book and sit on the porch with me reading their own material.
I have also found that the little ones want to know what I'm doing or see what
I'm looking at. Having a good book on their level on my reader is just fun.
They also cherish time on the computer. Extra time on the laptop to read a book
is a gift as well.  And so my search began looking for good websites with
some education and fun reads for the kids and the kid in me.

1. First is a site that I am loving it is it's own incentive to get the children to read.
Read a book- Give a book. Most children lose a little of their reading
skills while taking a break over the summer. Why relearn what you already
know. Stay in focus by reading this summer. This is actually a summer reading
club but just as well for a selection of summer reads. Each month new books
are added for you to read. Keep track of the books you read and books will
be donated for your efforts. You can complete a service while you are doing
something educational. This is for children ages 5-8

 2. I just love the look of the old beginner readers. They are so fun to
read and pure at heart. There is a special place for them in my heart as
my dad has always been a collector of books. In return I have become a
collector of books too. This is my Dad and my Sweet Pea.  My mom
Is always crazy with all the books around. She'd like him to weed them out.
Secretly I know his love for them. Well imagine my surprise when I came across
beginner readers online. Check out

3. Now what mom doesn't want their child to read the classics. To be filled
with all that classical learning goodness.  To get into the deep reading goodness
and work on understanding it. Try  over 5,000 goodies.

4. Need to check out a good Christian read. Looking for something with
some meat to it .Then this is the site for you. A lot of good religious reads
for young and old students

5. Now I love for my kids to read the classics or about their religion and
learn something. It makes the mommy heart sing . I personally enjoy reading
them as well . Yet sometimes a person likes a little fluff in their lives. I found
this site on reading romance novels online. 
We all need a little mushy fluffy fluff once in a great while....
Right? Maybe its just me.

6.  Last one... It has just about everything.

Warm blessings all and enjoy your free summer reads.



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