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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Has Begun- Bucket list.

Our Summer begins when we get to visit Caledonia State park. It
seems to have become a sort of tradition to start and end summer there.
I'd love to go more. This place Holds some great childhood memories for me.
With the start of summer we Created our Summer bucket list. 
I'll share our list along with some Park photos. Some we have already completed.

 (The water was pretty rough since we had a storm the night before)

1.Decorate T-shirts
2.Paint a sheet and use as a puppet center
3.Go on a nature walk
4.Water play on the porch
5.Body painting
6.Read outside
8. Picnic
( kids had a great time trying to find critters in the creek)

9.Beach trip
11.Watch fire works
12.Visit a carnival
13.Visit a zoo
14.Make Slurpee's (complete)
15.Create some beach crafts
16.Visit local playgrounds (complete)

( Sweet pea enjoyed digging in the dirt just as much as the water)

19.Summer journals
20.Board game
21.Blow up coke with mentos
22.Frisbee golf
23.Make own peg people
24.Set up tent in backyard or create own
25.Play flashlight tag
26.Glow in the dark balloons

27.Scavenger hunt
28.make puppets Croquet
30.Make boats and use in water play
31.Play in the creek (complete)

32.Older kids have an ABC photo tour contest
33.Collect shells
34.have an art lesson outside
35. Water paint on porch

 (Spirit and Superboy made friends fast. Who says homeschoolers aren't socialized.
There were a lot more of them too just not in the photo. They ended up building a little damn.)

36. Create own game
37. Organize school items
38. Play in the rain (complete)
39. Decorate and set up our porch
40. Paint Sweet peas toes
 (I'm not sure what Spirits grand project was but he would bring water up the little hill by the
creek and pour it to watch it go down. At one point he had 4 other kids working for him.
All he succeeded in doing was creating a muddy mess for Sweet pea to slip on. I'm sure he
learned something in there)

( Sweet pea with her muddy treasure bucket. All the more fun)

41. Search for lightning bugs
42. Watch the clouds
43. Grow some flowers (working on this one)
44. Visit our family Reunion
45. Have a family movie night
 (I love the cheeky grin)

46. Sit on the porch and color
47. Celebrate Sweet peas 3rd Birthday
48. Celebrate Princess 15th Birthday
49. Celebrate Hearts 20th Birthday
50. Let my kids know I love them every day
(Heart and her Boyfriend )

Warm Blessings,


* updated those things Crossed off the list have been completed. :)


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