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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun

We are soo enjoying are lazy days of summer. Each week we add a few fun
things to our day. Painting my kids has been a long time tradition. It
started way back when with my oldest Heart. I'd paint little pictures all
over her arms, legs and face and then she'd go outside and play in the
water till they were washed away.

Sweet pea wanted a flower .She looks rather in pain here. She is the only
one who hates being painted but because the other kids do it she always
wants to too. Then her face looks like this. She begged me to take a photo
of her flower because I did the others. Then we immedately washed it off
with a wet wipe. It wasn't even dry yet.

Spirit wanted flames on his belly.

Superboys Turtle is my favorite.

Going with the same theme Spirit got this race car on his back and a
race track on his face.

Superboy wanted a bird.

Then I filled some tubs with water. Added some boats, action figures,
cups, sponges, water guns etc... to the play area.

And this is what the little ones did.

I guess it was that hot.

Warm Blessings and Happy long summer days.



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