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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Homeschooling Essentials- Have a Plan

 If you read my blog then you know I'm a list maker. I make lists and
cross things off. This is how I function. For some reason for me if it is on
the list I tend to complete it. I just need that order in my life to keep me
consistent. Educating my children is no different. Now I completely
believe in free thinking but we can still plan our day and schedule in our
lessons so that we don't spend our time idly . It can happen it really can.
Especially this time of year when winter has set in and you just want to
snuggle up under the blanket and not come out till spring.  That is good
for one day but we need to be vigilant teachers and intentional about
our children's education. ( Have you seen Good Morning Girls
bible study on Intentionally living)

 My very favorite Calendar planner is this one  by Blue Sky.
I found mine at Walmart. I had never seen a planner like this one.
It has the Calendar on one page. The Things to do list on the other.

Now what I like the most about this planner is this...
I like that I have so much space on each day. Remember me telling
you I'm a list maker. Well I can make a list for the day and have so much
space to do so. Love this planner!!! It helps me stay organized.

Now I also keep a notebook....
 I use my notebook as a place to store the things I use during our
school session. Generally I use it more for storage. What I really
like to use is a clipboard. I typically take out all the forms I need and
attach them to my board. I find the three ring binders to bulky to work
with and comb binding can get expensive. Plus I am ever changing my
mind as to what I will use to plan and organize.

The front pocket of my notebook has my sons Barton program. The CD
is the manual for everything. I usually print out that weeks worth of work or
what I think we will complete that week. It sort of depends on weather he is
understanding things or he's not and how fast we go. Those things always go
in the front so I know where they are. The CD has gone missing a few times in
the shuffle of clean up. Since I have put it in the binder it has not gone missing
once. My notebook is divided into 5 sections. The first is the Calendar section.


This page when the time comes may be attached to my clipboard. I am
using this one to help with keeping track of attendance. Basically  I will
highlight the day after all the kiddos have completed their work.
 I downloaded it free from ...

When you get to her blog click the 12 planning pages on her side bar
and you will locate her original post.


For each of my children I created a planner similar to this one below.
These a screen shots of our originals. You can see Mon. -Wed here.
Thursday and Friday have music instead of art and Science instead
of History. There is plenty of space for me to write our plan. All of
this goes on my clip board. The older children have their plan on a
clipboard of their own. They can cross things off as they go. All their
plans are slightly different  depending on what they are working on.

This one is for my 2nd grader.


To me having a plan and being organize is Essential for
our Home education experience without it I think we would be
less productive and scattered. This may look like we are not flexible
like we stick to the plan and that is it but in all honesty we really use
this as our guide to our day and if something comes up then it
just gets moved to the next day. 

Warm Blessings,

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