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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Frugal Friday Laundry

I have found a new love. Something not a someone.

I am so excited this week to be the proud owner of a brand new Whirlpool Washer

and Dryer. I am shocked at how washing clothes has changed to become such a

Science. Technology has come a long way. I remember the day when

we sorted and washed. That was all. It's almost overwhelming to overcome.

All this excitement. I absolutely have a love of doing laundry. Our new appliances

are marked with an energy star sticker. We have gone as Green as we can for our

price range. Our washer automatically decides how much water should be put inside

by how much wash I feed it. I can't even comprehend how it has a mind to do this

on its own but somehow it does. It uses less water, less soap and less electricity. I can't

wait to see how much it saves us on our electric bills. I will probably

still hang our blankets out on the washline once Daddy gets it hung up.

We have only lived in our new home Since December. Probably a small

project for him. The dryer is just as awesome. It has an eco setting which means the

dryer automatically will shut off when the clothes are dry. I have to say that I am so

glad that our old ones went up. I had no idea of the luxury.

Check out this website to choose an energy star product.

Energy Star . If purchasing an energy star product you may also want

to check out your electric company to see if programs are available for your

special purchase. Ours has a special rebate program

for users who purchase an energy star product. At the moment ours offers

Rebates on surge protectors, Holiday lights , floor lamps, appliances and

hot water heaters. Just Awesome. We will recieve a $25 dollar rebate.

Warm Blessings,



  1. My washing machine will decide how much water too. I love that! I didn't know they had a dryer like that. I will check that out, next time I need a dryer. Thanks for the info on it. :)

  2. Sure. I guess it has been so long since I bought a washer and dryer brand new that I had no idea. lol I was so surpised how far technology had come. Its been several years since our last one.


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