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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Growing up...

You know as my kids grow. I'd like to think I have all of the
answers but I certainly don't. There are times I am proud and there
are times I am ashamed. Parenting is full of so many rewards. You can
give your all and still find yourself questioning what you have done.
Especially in the light of mistakes made. Could you have prevented them?
Could you have done more? You can only give what you think is for the
best. Even if that best isn't what you thought. Sometimes God allows things
to happen and you don't know why. Its hard to look at the over all picture
when your in a transition period and that is what I think the teenage age is.
A huge transition period. Transitions can go smoothly or they can be
all out trama and dramatics.  It depends on the person and how they
relate to God. Are they fully commited or just stepping on the brim.
So the question is are the teens on the brim or commited to becoming
adults. Does their fear over ride the sense? All we as parents can do
is grab ahold and take the ride with them  Good and Bad. The bad
being the scary part but we live for the good.

This day was good. Princess all dressed up for her friends sweet 16.

All the 8 girls filed into a limo and went to Ritas for ice. Then
came back to enjoy themselves at the all girl party. It was fun to
dress up and be grown up for awhile.

Warm Blessings,



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